Jenna Jameson Supports Donald Trump, Bashes Syrian Refugees

Jenna Jameson took to Twitter to speak out about her political beliefs. In a series of tweets, she revealed that she supports Donald Trump and Fox News, and that she's also against refugees.

It all started when the adult film star retweeted a graphic tweet that read: "One more American death &Democrats who imported terrorist refugees need 2B arrested 4 weakening Natl Sec & treason." (Sic) Jenna Jameson's fans were shocked to discover her conservative beliefs, and didn't appreciate that she retweeted the offensive tweet.

She didn't appear to be bothered. She said that she was "happy to be compared" to the likes of Donald Trump. Some of Jameson's fans remarked that she had ancestors that were refugees or immigrants. That's when Jameson revealed that she has Native American blood. She also added that she's "Italian" and "pure American."As for the reason for Jenna Jameson's shocking conservative beliefs? Well, the so-called "Queen of Porn" says that she supports Republicans because we should only care about the rich, not those who are struggling to make ends meet. In her series of tweets, Jameson shared her support for Fox News co-anchor Jeanine Pirro.The adult entertainer managed to lose 300 followers after her bizarre political rant took place on Sunday, November 22. Jenna blames them for loving her looks rather than her brain.This isn't the first time that Jenna Jameson has spoken out about her political beliefs. Back in October, 2015, she defended Israel and bashed President Barack Obama at the same time. She tweeted that she supports the Jewish state, and that she would like to be Israel's next boss.
"I stand with Israel and Obama does not speak for me. I am a very outspoken supporter of Israel... I have family there and it's constant worry."
When one of Jenna's fans asked her on Twitter that very Sunday if she would like to be the next prime minister of Israel, she responded that she is "certainly capable" of the position. Later that day, she asked the Republican presidential frontrunner to give his views on the "US/Israel discrepancy." Unfortunately for Jenna, Donald has not yet responded to her question about the discrepancy.Jameson even took to Instagram to promote UNICEF aid for Syrian refugees. Not only did she ask her fans to vote for her on Celebrity Big Brother, but she also asked them to help save the children so that they could have a "better future."

A few days prior to her tweets, Jenna Jameson revealed to one of her Twitter followers that she's "100% Republican." Jenna grew more conservative over the years since leaving the adult film industry. Back in 2012, she shared her support for Mitt Romney. Not only does Jenna love Donald Trump, but she also supports the Marco Rubio campaign. According to CBS San Francisco, Jenna explained her reasoning for supporting Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election as she drank champagne inside the VIP room at the Gold Club.

"I'm very looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you're rich, you want a Republican in office."
Prior to becoming "100% Republican," Jameson supported Democrat Hilary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election. In addition, she agreed to start in an ad campaign for PETA's campaign against KFC's treatment of chickens.

It's no surprise as to why Jenna Jameson would suddenly support Republicans and the rich. She has an estimated net worth between $10 million and $30 million, although she's faced some financial issues of her own in the past few years. Since retiring from the adult entertainment industry in 2013, she had her breast implants removed and she published an erotic novel called Sugar. But by the next month, she returned to the adult industry as a webcam model on MyFreeCams.

Jenna Jameson
[Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]It is, however, shocking that Jenna would support Republicans, especially since they share very little support for women's issues and bash sex workers. Back in 2003, she made an appearance on Bill O'Reilly's show to discuss her new endorsement deal with Pony Footwear. Jenna later claimed that he hounded her for requesting some of her x-rated movies in the past.
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