Russell Brand Now Owns A Gun

The Internet was all a buzz when it was said the usual zen Russell Brand lost his cool with British host Graham Norton during a taping of his show after being questioned on his divorce from Katy Perry. Now it looks like this is just the beginning of a new bizarre leaf for Brand, who reveals to The Sun that he owns a gun.

Despite his mother’s wishes, telling her son “Don’t lean to fire guns.” the comedian revealed that he didn’t take his mother’s warning and he bought the gun anyway after moving to Los Angeles, saying, “Well, I’ve learnt and now I’ve got one. I mean, me, own a gun? I shouldn’t really have access to hair gel but I can fire a gun if I need to.”

The strange behavior from Brand seems like a bad case of deja vu, as Brand spent half of the early millennium getting high and offending the general comedy going audience. One of his acts saw Brand dressed as Osama Bin Laden shortly after the 9/11 attacks, which he documented in his first book “Booky Wook”.

Russell went on to joke around with The Sun saying he finds guns to be “cool” and that he “felt like a Hollywood legend.” Obviously referring to the old American gunslinging Westerns that featured the likes of Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson. “To be honest, guns are fun. When I was learning I was firing all over the place – obviously not at people but I was hitting all these targets. I felt like John Wayne.”

The actor is currently promoting his film Rock of Ages, a musical comedy that sees Brand alongside Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin.