Denver Broncos Rumors: Two Teams Interested In Acquiring Peyton Manning In 2016

The 2015 season is still ongoing, but many are already looking ahead at what could happen next year. One of the big rumors has to do with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and if he will continue playing or head into retirement. Well, now some teams are already starting to show their interest in him and at least two would love to bring him onto their roster – the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans.

Peyton Manning’s latest injury to his foot had him sidelined for this week’s game with the Chicago Bears. Brock Osweiler led the Broncos (8-2) to a victory, and that could have Denver thinking twice about rushing Manning back or maybe letting him rest more for the playoffs.

As recapped by ESPN, Osweiler completed 20-of-27 passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns. That’s not a bad night for a guy that doesn’t play a whole lot. With Manning’s injuries piling up and no high draft pick in sight, Osweiler could end up the Broncos’ go-to man in the future.

If that happens and Manning doesn’t retire, where would he go?

One team that is interested in Peyton Manning is the Cleveland Browns per CBS Sports, and that’s not overly surprising. Yes, it does now seem as if Johnny Manziel is their starting quarterback, but he could stand to learn from Manning for a couple of years.

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Manning already has a very strong relationship with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam due to their ties in the state of Tennessee. Let’s not forget that the University of Tennessee is where Manning played his college football.

Haslam has long wanted to have Manning in a management or owner-type role with the Browns once his playing time is done. It wouldn’t be out of the question to also have him in a playing capacity as quarterback if Manning isn’t yet ready to hang up the cleats.

Another team interested in Peyton Manning is that of the Tennessee Titans, again for strong ties to the state. Marcus Mariota is the future of the organization at quarterback, but like Manziel, learning behind Manning for a year or two wouldn’t hurt him.

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If Manning is ready to retire, there would be an office spot easily available for him within the Tennessee Titans’ organization. For 2016, Tennessee already pretty much has cleaned house from team president on down, and Manning could easily fit into a John Elway-type role like the former quarterback has with the Broncos.

Music City Miracles points out that with a team president with an expiring contract and an interim head coach on the sidelines, the Titans need some stability. They also need someone with a strong football mind, and it’s hard to find one stronger than that of Peyton Manning.

Things aren’t all roses in Denver right now. Combine that with Manning’s injuries, and it almost seems like a given that he will be retiring at the end of 2015, no matter what happens through the rest of the season, playoffs, or Super Bowl.

Yes, he could end up coming back, but it doesn’t seem likely right now.

Manning may end up wanting to take a break from football once he retires and just rest for a while. If he does, it probably wouldn’t be for long and he’d be back and involved with the game before anyone realizes it.

Peyton Manning’s time with the Denver Broncos seems to be coming to a close very soon, and that’s whether he retires or not. The Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans would love to have his talents on the field or off of it, but the 2015 season still needs to finish out before anything is truly known or can happen at all.

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