May 17, 2017
Internet Cat Videos Get Their Own Festival

There's no denying that people love their internet cat videos. Cat videos are actually so beloved that scientists proved that no matter how busy a person is, they will feel NO psychological guilty whatsoever if they take a few minutes to enjoy some cat antics.

With this fact in mind, it makes "purr-fect" sense for cat videos to get their own annual festivals. It just so happens the Internet Cat Video Film Festival came to Indianapolis. this weekend. WSPA reports that hundreds of cat lovers gathered at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The feline fans all bought tickets for a special screening of popular online cat videos.

Heather Wagoner, who attended the film festival, thinks that cat videos definitely deserve an annual event.
"Oh, it's mandatory, there has to be a cat festival for cat lovers. There's chocolate festival for chocolate lovers; there's a festival for anything!"
Why not a festival for cats? After all, and as Wagoner points out, the animals are "number one" on the internet. Shouldn't the number one viewed, memed, and discussed creatures in the world get their cat videos featured as part of a festival?
Although this is the first time the cat videos came to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the actual internet cat videos film festival began back in 2012. In fact, Inquisitrpreviously reported about the Internet Cat Video Film Festival.

The idea was first proposed and created by the Walker Art Center back in 2012. It invited cat lovers to submit video submissions over a period of weeks. Everyone was welcome to enjoy the fun clips -- yes, even dog lovers!

"Walker Open Field welcomes cat lovers (and challenges haters – c'mon, you know who you are) to openly release your cat-video-induced giggles and emotions that are otherwise muffled by computer screens and constrained by cubicles. Rejoice and be free, [l]et's transform this singular small screen viewing experience into a shared celebration."
A few years later, and the shared experience continues. Since launching in Minnesota in 2012, the Internet Cat Video Film Festival has been to 200 cities and nine different countries. It's an event that shows no signs of going away, just like cat videos themselves.

In addition to the popular feline web clips, a web-famous cat was on hand to greet the excited crowd. Lil' Bub was there for a "meet and greet." If you wanted a chance to "shake paws" with the furry star, it would cost you an extra $55. The proceeds of the fan meeting "will be donated to Lil' BUB's Big Fund and to IMA ARTx."

If you're puzzled by the attention paid to short cat videos and to so-called famous cats, then you're probably not alone. An answer emerges in the enthusiasm expressed by festival attendee Ashley Baker.

"I love how cats on the Internet have gotten so popular, because I think it's a source of joy...Because there's so much negativity on the Internet."
Watching cats be silly, mischievous, and just plain kooky helps people take a break from all the terrible things happening in the world today, or reading negative stories and comments online.

That may be why the cat videos brought fans of all ages and from all walks of life. As the festival runners have stated, one doesn't have to be a "crazy cat lady" to love the event or have a good time. For those looking for a break from the daily gloom, paying to watch funny cat videos is money well spent.

If you didn't get a chance to head to Indiana for the cat videos at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, then don't worry. You can hold a personal festival by heading to Youtube and creating a private playlist. Or you can enjoy the funny cat compilation video below!

[Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]