November 23, 2015
WWE News, Spoilers: Major Angle Ends 'Survivor Series' As Two New WWE World Champions Crowned

Many were wondering what would happen at Survivor Series tonight as the WWE World Heavyweight Title tournament had its final three matches. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose made it to the last match and it was a hard fought battle eventually won by Reigns, but the night was far from over. As he celebrated and held his title in the air, a major angle was about to take place that would rock his entire night.

If you have not yet seen Survivor Series or don't want to yet know the results, then stop reading now as there are SPOILERS ahead.

Reigns was holding the WWE Title above his head and smiling as confetti rained down on him from all directions. Roman Reigns was extremely emotional and it looked as if he had tears in his eyes and he was so grateful when being handed the title belt.

The music of The Authority hit and Triple H made his way to the ring. He reached out his hand to shake that of Roman Reigns, but the new champion swiped it away and then delivered a vicious spear to the company head.

Reigns looked down on Triple H as confetti continued to fall and he kept on being proud of his newly won title. The night wasn't yet over though, and that was when Sheamus appeared in the ring behind the new champion.

wwe rumors sheamus roman reigns survivor series
Image via WWE

The Irishman holding the "Money in the Bank" briefcase nailed Reigns as the new champion turned around. Reigns was out cold and Sheamus handed the referee the briefcase to cash in his WWE World Title opportunity.

The ref rang the bell and called for the match to start, and it did.

Sheamus covered Reigns, but the new champ kicked out at two. Sheamus whipped Reigns against the ropes who then ducked a Brogue Kick attempt. Reigns went for the spear to try and retain his title but he was hit by a Brogue Kick and laid out.

As the new champion lay on the mat, Sheamus covered him for the pinfall and the WWE World Title as recapped by WrestleZone. Roman Reigns' time as champion lasted hardly even five minutes before he had it taken away from him and around the waist of someone else.

survivor series sheamus roman reigns
Image via WWE

With Reigns laying dejected on the mat, Sheamus held his newly won title above his head as he backed down the aisle toward backstage. Triple H stood next to him and raised his arm in the air which means The Authority may have its new man as recapped by WWE.

For those that may not remember, this is not the first time the "Money in the Bank" briefcase has played a part in a championship match involving Roman Reigns. Back at WrestleMania 31, Seth Rollins cashed in his briefcase to pin Reigns and take the title away from Brock Lesnar in the main event of the evening.

seth rollins wwe title money in the bank
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After Sheamus took the title away from Reigns tonight, the former champ stood solemnly in the ring and just looked around. He exited the ring, walked slowly to the back, and began taking off his gloves as the camera just followed him.

Honestly, it looked as if it may lead the way toward an eventual heel turn for Roman Reigns as one was expected for him or Dean Ambrose this evening, but neither happened. Sheamus is the new WWE World Champion after Survivor Series and this major angle is going to be moving things along toward Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 32.

[Image via WWE]