Comedian Streams 252 Netflix Movies In One Month [Video]

Comedian Mark Malkoff once lived on an airplane for 30 days just to see if he could do it. For his most recent challenge, he wanted to see how many movies he could watch on Netflix in one month.

The answer? Two-hundred and fifty-two (for a total of 404.25 hours), which is two more than his initial goal of 250. Malkoff’s accomplishment obviously earned him bragging rights, but also an invitation by Netflix to its Los Gatos headquarters. Malkoff met CEO Reed Hastings, and even had a day named after him. June 11th is now “Mark Malkoff Day,” around the Netflix water cooler. Malkoff watched cult-classic Troll 2 and asked Hastings what Netflix was thinking with its now abandoned Qwikster project, reports HuffPo.

Malkoff told Mashable that “Watching 252 films in a month was like a mini-school,” adding that, “I enjoyed it, but it was challenging at times — especially watching 29.4 hours of closing credits in a month. … Everybody was really supportive of my Netflix project, except my internet service provider who I’m pretty sure hates me.”

Malkoff consulted Facebook and Twitter for movie recommendations, and kept track of when movies would expire and when new ones would be added by consulting He asked Mashable readers for movie recommendations as well.

Every experience is a learning experience, and Malkoff learned one important thing. “One other thing I learned from my month is to avoid to any movie starring Vanilla Ice at all costs,” he says.

Mashable crunched the numbers for us. A Netflix membership costs $7.99 a month. Divided with 252 films, each movie cost Malkoff 3.2 cents to watch.

Here’s a video documentary of Malkoff’s Netflix adventure:

Could you do 252 Netflix movies in a month?