'The Voice' Top 11: Singers To Watch [Who Aren't Jordan Smith]

Toni Matthews

The Top 11 will perform on The Voice Monday night, and yet it's becoming increasingly apparent that Jordan Smith is on the verge of running away with the Season 9 competition. Since making his appearance on The Voice earlier this season as a truly "blind" audition, Smith has amazed the judges and Voice audience with his heartfelt covers.

Every week, Jordan finds a way to top past performances, while also blowing most of the competition off the stage. However, before you assume that it's a waste of time to watch for or even cheer for anyone else, you should take the time to appreciate some other top talents on the show.

Here are three other great singers on The Voice you should know about.

I don't think I've properly given Madi Davis her due until now. I actually missed this performance and was less than impressed with the cover of Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul?" Not getting the chance to hear properly and appreciate her voice, I wasn't quite sure why she was doing as well as she had been on The Voice. Listening Davis's interpretation of "Songbird," I can appreciate the passion and artistry to her style. Her voice is also very unique; her sound doesn't remind me of any single contemporary (or past) popular singer. That's a great thing.

Madi Davis is a true talent, and I really hope we'll hear more from her after this season is over. She and Shelby Brown and making me so excited to be wrong about the Voice not caring for women singers this season.

— Shelby Brown (@shelbygailbrown) November 19, 2015

This certainly makes for a more competitive season (yes, I say this despite the Smith factor...this article is about other people, remember?). I do think Shelby Brown has yet to have her "standout moment." Even though she sang well live in previous weeks, she has yet to sing THE song that best demonstrates what an amazing voice she has. I think as the field shrink and Voice contestants leave, Shelby will be given the chance to step from behind her dominant teammate's shadow.

Speaking of those unfortunate front runners in one Voice contestant's shadow, I have been and still remain a huge fan of Jeffery Austin. Any other season, he'd be my top pick to win The Voice. Jeffery's voice is both soulful and powerful. He sings with a great deal of emotional conviction, which aids his ability to make songs his own. This is a gift that has served him well on a team with a coach -- Love you, Gwen Stefani, but it's true -- who has consistently struggled to pair the right songs with the right artists.

Fortunately for Austin, I feel he can sing almost anything and progress beyond the Top 11. I would actually be stunned if he didn't make it to the Voice finale.

— Amy Vachal (@amyvachal) November 18, 2015

Which artists in the Voice Top 11 do you have an eye on? Share your favorites in the comment section below!

[Image Via Screen Grab From Official Voice YouTube Channel]