Jeremy Clarkson Gets A Painful ‘Kate Moss’ Makeover While Filming New Amazon Car Show, Laments

Jeremy Clarkson is arguably the most influential entertainer in the car show business. Having begun his career in media as a journalist, he worked his way to prominence, and became a Top Gear presenter in 1988, but took a break from the program till 2002. In this period, he hosted his own car related shows that included Jeremy Clarkson’s Car Years, Jeremy Clarkson’s Speed, and Jeremy Clarkson’s Extreme Machines. With so much experience hosting car shows, he was able to go back to Top Gear in 2002, successfully transforming it into the world’s biggest motoring show.

At the time of his ungraceful departure from the BBC earlier this year, after physically and verbally attacking producer Oisin Tymon, the show boasted about 350 million viewers worldwide. This made it the most watched show on television in the world. Presently, he and his co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, are working with Amazon to create a new motoring show that has yet to be named. With a rumored £160 million ($243.02 million) annual budget, it will be a formidable rival to the present Top Gear show, currently hosted by Chris Evans.

Jeremy tweets that he and Hammond have got jobs at the chocolate factory as packers [Image via Twitter]

This is considering that Chris Evans has no experience presenting a car show unlike the Clarkson, Hammond and May trio, who have successfully been doing it for years. However, Chris is determined to maintain the Top Gear status quo as the leading car program in the world, and even plans to launch a Top Gear theme park that he believes will attract fans from all over the world. According to the Week, he states the following in his newly released book, Call The Midlife.

“For a start, where is Top Gear World, the theme park? People would come from the four corners of the planet to stay there for a few days, even if it were located in grey old England. We live three miles from Legoland, and it’s packed all year round. I mean, Legoland is OK but it’s no Universal Studios.”

However, Chris recently confessed that he wouldn’t miss watching Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon show. This was during an interview with the Daily Telegraph, saying, “Of course I will! Goodness knows what they are going to do. I am really intrigued to be honest.” The new Amazon show, featuring Jeremy and his sidekicks, is going to be done in 4K. According to 4K, it will be made in 4K UHD resolution, as all recent Amazon Original subscription programs. This has been cited to be one of the main reasons why the car show boasts such a huge budget.

Jeremy, Hammond and May chilling [Image via Twitter]

Speaking of 4K resolution, Clarkson has indicated in his latest tweet that he has undergone a laser facial. The procedure, which helps rejuvenate skin for a younger look, is not one that many would picture Jeremy undertaking. However, considering that filming is being done in 4K resolution, it was probably a good idea, as every crease on his face would be accentuated. And in true Jeremy Clarkson fashion, he has created a lot of fuss about it on social media, saying it is unbelievably painful. The following are some of his lamentations via Twitter.

‏@JeremyClarkson Nov 20
A doctor is about to laser my face. I shall probably end up looking like Kate Moss.

@JeremyClarkson Nov 20
God Al*******mighty that hurt.

@JeremyClarkson Nov 20
If anyone ever threatens to lase you in the face, run.

@JeremyClarkson Nov 20
My nose has fallen off. Is that bad?

[Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images]