WWE Rumors: Sting To Show Up At 'Survivor Series' Tonight To Help Undertaker And Kane Vs. The Wyatt Family

A lot is missing from tonight's Survivor Series, and that includes a number of big-time names and a traditional elimination tag team match. Many are kind of skeptical that the Pay-Per-View will not live up to whatever kind of expectations are out there. Maybe that's why there are lots of rumors flying around to get more interest in it, and one is the possible appearance of Sting.

There is no official confirmation that Sting will be appearing tonight, or any time soon for WWE, but the rumor is out there.

It was first rumored earlier this month that Sting would be showing up at Survivor Series to be one of the tag team partners for The Undertaker and Kane. They would find at least one more partner to take on The Wyatt Family in a traditional elimination tag team match, but that was thrown out the window.

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[Image via WWE]Now, as previewed by WWE.com, the Brothers of Destruction are taking on two members of The Wyatt Family in a regular tag team match. It's not known which other member of the family will be chosen by Bray Wyatt, but that will be found out tonight.

Still, the other two family members will be at ringside, and therefore outnumbering Kane and The Undertaker. This could be where Sting arrives to provide some backup or somehow bring about an impromptu elimination-style tag.

There are a number of reasons this could end up happening with Sting showing up at Survivor Series.

First of all, it's the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker's debut at Survivor Series, which is a huge deal in the wrestling world. Just having a simplified tag team match against The Wyatt Family doesn't seem that big of a match so more could be coming.

Secondly, Sting made his long-awaited WWE debut one year ago at Survivor Series and it's hard to think that it's just a coincidence the two icons debuted at the same PPV.

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[Image via WWE]The third thing working in favor of this happening is that Sting is said to be ready to return to the ring. Even though he was seriously injured a couple months ago at Night of Champions, it's been said that he's doing alright and has been resting at home since then.

Finally, WrestleZone had a bit of a roundtable and made a great point about the location of tonight's Survivor Series. It happens to be in Atlanta and Sting did spend a lot of time there in a former life.

"It is a year since he made his WWE debut. They're in Atlanta, WCW's old stomping grounds. It would put Sting and Undertaker in the same picture which many fans have been wanting to see. I think there needs to add more and do something to get everybody excited exceed expectations of the match."
There are going to be a lot of Sting and WCW fans in attendance at Survivor Series tonight, and that could bring about a huge reaction. Sting's appearance would do that anywhere, but it would be so fitting for his one-year anniversary to be met by a surprise showing of his face in Turner country.

Maybe he'll be up in the rafters, waiting with his bat. If not, he could be waiting under the ring to show his face.

So many things are in place for Sting to appear tonight at Survivor Series and side with The Undertaker and Kane. The Brothers of Destruction will need some help against The Wyatt Family, and Atlanta is the best place for it to happen as everything has fallen into place.

[Image via WWE]