Michael Jackson: Singer’s Former Doctor Talks Molestation Claims, Says It’s Not True

Michael Jackson’s former surgeon opened up about his most famous client while promoting his new book in India this weekend. The doctor says that despite the never-ending rumors of molestation against the singer, he never saw any proof that the King of Pop ever did what he was accused of.

Zee News reports that Dr. Patrick Treacy, an Irish surgeon who cared for Jackson for several years before his untimely death in 2009, indicated that although Jackson faced many alleged victims claiming the singer molested them, there was never any evidence in Jackson’s demeanor to convince him that any of the allegations were true.

“I personally never found any evidence of Michael Jackson having pedophilic tendencies either in his conversation or behavior. “

Treacy, who was in India promoting his new book about Jackson, entitled, Behind the Mask: The Extraordinary Story of the Irishman Who Became Michael Jackson’s Doctor, also touched on Jackson’s generosity, including a time when the “Thriller” singer donated $1.5 million to a California hospital’s children’s burn unit.

“Yes, he founded a pediatric burns center associated with an established hospital in Southern California with the compensation he got from his own burns incident during the Pepsi-Cola advertisement.”

Treacy met Jackson in 2006 when the “P.Y.T.” singer came into his office with a welcoming compliment. Jackson read an article about Treacy helping people in Africa, and it touched the singer so much that he made a personal visit to the doctor and asked if he was taking new patients. The singer and doctor bonded over Treacy’s experience in Africa, where he assisted children and adults with AIDS during the 1990s.

“He wore a black fedora, his curly hair was tied at the back, and he flashed his infectious smile. He came up to me and said, ‘Hi, Doctor Treacy. I’m Michael Jackson. I’ve heard much about you. Thank you for helping the people of Africa.’ He was carrying with him an article I had written, which I had received an award for.”

Mid-Day reports that over time, Treacy and Jackson became close friends, especially after the King of Pop learned that his doctor wasn’t particularly enamored with celebrities, nor had he heard a lot of Jackson’s music. It created a sense of trust for Jackson that the surgeon genuinely wanted to help him and wasn’t interested in fame, said Treacy.

Dr. Treacy's new book highlights the positive impact that Michael Jackson had on the world. (Photo by Dr. Treacy/Facebook0

“I wasn’t particularly star struck. In fact, I hadn’t even heard much of his music. So, when he realized that I wasn’t trying to get anything off him, he opened up.”

Treacy also feels that Jackson was one of the easiest celebrity targets because of his childlike demeanor. The surgeon stated that it was Jackson’s childlike manner that led to the family of some of the children he befriended to accuse the Pop star of molestation and sexual assault. None of the accusations, however, have ever been proven.

Dr. Treacy states that Michael Jackson's friendship with children caused false allegations. (Photo by Rick Stewart /Al)

“When people said there was a childish element to Michael, there was. He seemed to like hanging around with children and play with them. I think that’s different from being sexually involved with children.”

In addition to his time spent with Jackson, Treacy’s experience as a surgeon is an interesting one, including a time when he was pricked with an HIV positive needle. Although he didn’t contract the virus, it was another reason he decided to write the memoir.

“The core of my book is about the time recession hit Ireland; the loss of love (break-up with girlfriend Trish); and surviving an HIV needle stick injury from a heroin addict in Dublin. There is also stuff about my childhood. Michael Jackson was the tail I put to the book. Then, the tail started wagging.”

[Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images]