Arzoola Launches Facebook Phone App

Arzoola has now launched its free private call platform for Facebook.

We first wrote about the company’s Social Call tool earlier this month when its HTML-driven Craigslist application — now rebranded as Private Call — came out. The Facebook utility offers the same service, just specifically catered to Facebook profiles.

Basically, Social Call gives you anonymous VOIP capabilities. You give the company your phone number and put the app on your page. It then lets anyone click to call you, without ever having access to your number. The program also lets you set parameters for when you want to receive calls, so you could tell it to only patch people through between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., for example.

The thing we initially liked about this application is its versatility. Certainly the Facebook platform adds a social element, but its HTML-based brother program could also have interesting uses for business purposes, or even for letting visitors to a blog/web site contact you only during specific times and without having to publicly post your phone number.

Arzoola’s CEO swears to us the service will remain free, though he says it will likely feature pre-call ads and optional “premium” extras in the future.