Is Charlie Sheen Selling Off His Ex-Wives' Homes To Pay HIV Debts?

Paying off porn stars is getting very expensive for Charlie Sheen -- so expensive that he is having to liquidate some major assets to pay his bills. It seem that selling real estate is the only way Sheen can get his hands on enough dough to make the payments to women he slept with and didn't reveal his HIV status, and to others to keep their mouths shut.

According to the Inquisitr, the bulk of a payment went out to an adult film actress who had a threesome with Sheen post-diagnosis. It seems that after sex, Sheen asked her to go in the bathroom and get his HIV meds. She initially thought it was a joke, but then she found a whole host of meds in his bathroom. They had unprotected sex, and she was worried that she might have contracted the virus. Time went on, and according to the woman's rep, Sheen and the woman struck an agreement for $10 million over time.

According to People Magazine, Charlie Sheen is on a real estate selling frenzy, starting with the houses he bought for his ex-wives to live in, which actually belong to his children, in trust, until they reach age of majority. Currently on the selling block: Brooke Mueller's house.

"Brooke and the boys did not get kicked out of the house," says the source, who adds the property is worth $6.5 million and that Sheen is still responsible for supporting his sons. "But Charlie does need to sell the house."

Radar Online is reporting that the houses Mueller and Denise Richards lived in, in a gated community, are both for sale.
"Sheen is selling two houses in the gated L.A. community where he lives, Mulholland Estates. He bought these for his kids with Denise Richards and Mueller."
The houses sound very lavish, and should fetch a pretty penny on a hot real estate market.
"Sheen bought one 9,000 square foot home with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, and pizza oven in 2011 for Richards for $6.99 million. The house was bought in a trust for his daughters Sam, 11, and Lola, 10, giving them financial security for the future."
Denise Richards and her girls have already moved out of their home in the gated community and relocated to Malibu, but Brooke Mueller is still living in her house with her twins.
"An insider claims Sheen sent Mueller a letter demanding she and the boys vacate the house in the next five weeks, because he plans on selling it."
But also according to Radar Online, Charlie Sheen is considering selling his own Mulholland estate, and leaving the country for good.

"He wants to leave the United States," a source exclusively told Radar Online. "He says he's giving up."

The report also says that Sheen is hemorrhaging money right now due to all the lawsuits, so he wants a fast sell.

"Though 50-year-old Sheen is reportedly worth around $125 million, the star has been hemorrhaging money for years over his strategy of paying off multiple people who learned about his HIV infection and settling civil lawsuits brought by those he potentially exposed to the deadly virus, in order to keep his illness a secret."
Do you think Charlie Sheen will leave the country to avoid further law suits?

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]