Brussels Terror Alert Fears Threat Of Belgium Attack: ISIS Suicide Bomber Salah Abdeslam 'Visited A Gay Bar'

Brussels' terror alert remains high as Belgian authorities continue to seek out suspected ISIS members linked to the Paris attacks. Salah Abdeslam is a suspected ISIS suicide bomber, and it's feared he may attempt to carry out a Brussels attack.

Oddly enough, those who spotted Abdeslam say the Muslim man had a taste for gay sex, drinking alcohol, and smoking hash. While this report would seemingly raise questions about the devout Muslim man, the actions of Abdeslam may mirror those taken by the five al-Qaeda terrorists who were spotted in Florida strip clubs shortly before the 9/11 attacks in America.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, over the weekend, fears generated by Brussels' terror alert turned the once-thriving European city into a ghost town. The Belgian government fear an event similar to the Paris attacks was "imminent" and created a Level Four terror alert, which is the highest level.

"Following a new assessment, the terror alert level has been raised to level four, very serious, for the Brussels region," said a government statement. "Analysis shows a serious and imminent threat that requires taking specific security measures as well as specific recommendations for the public."

Schaerbeek's mayor, Bernard Clerfayt, explained why the Brussels' terror threat was still a possibility if potential shooters or suicide bombers decided now was the time to act.

"There are two terrorists in the Brussels region that could commit very dangerous acts," he said, according to the Guardian.

Jan Jambon, Belgium's interior minister, also said they were searching for a number of potential DAESH members.

"There are several suspects, that's why we have put in place such a concentration of resources. We are following the situation minute by minute. There's is no point in hiding that there is a real threat, but we are doing everything we can, day and night, to counter this situation," Jambon said.

Brussels Belgium
The city of Brussels, Belgium [Image via Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]Salah Abdeslam has been identified as one of the key ISIS terrorists behind the Paris attacks, and Belgian media has reported sighting of the 26-year-old Frenchman. According to the Independent, Mohamed Abdeslam, the brother of Salah, urged Salah in an interview "to give himself up, adding that he believed Salah was still alive because he had had a last-minute change of heart while in Paris."

"I am totally convinced that my brothers were not radicalized but that they were manipulated," Mohamed said, according to the Telegraph, adding that he hoped his brother gives himself up. "That way he can give us the answers we seek, our family and the families of the victims. We would rather see Salah in prison than in the cemetery."

Salah Abdeslam, suspected Paris attacker, on police handout, November 13, 2015.
Salah Abdeslam, suspected Paris attacker, on police handout, November 13, 2015. [Image via Paris Handout/The Independent]The last time Salah was spotted, he allegedly had been given a suicide bomber vest. It is also possible Abdeslam worked as a "conductor" during the Paris attacks, or as a driver or shooter, but investigators also believe his suicide vest may have malfunctioned. The suspected ISIS terrorist then fled Paris with two other suspects. Officials stopped the men at the border, but they were let go, and Abdeslam disappeared into Brussels.

Those who knew Salah Abdeslam claimed the Muslim man was a patron of a gay bar and was known for flirting with other men. Although ISIS terrorists are well known for being devout, Abdeslam was instead supposedly known for spending long days playing video games at the gay bar while also drinking alcohol.

The report by the NY Post claims that this behavior "would appear to make them unlikely ISIS extremists" since the "terror group brutally punishes homosexuality, often hurling gay men off buildings or stoning them to death, along with alcohol or drug use." While some may believe this means the Brussels terror alert may be overkill, it turns out there is a correlation with past terrorist attacks.

Five of the 9/11 hijackers were known for frequent nights of debauchery, including drinking alcohol, gambling, and visiting strip clubs in Florida and Las Vegas. Their behavior was also seemingly at odds with their stated beliefs since they ordered lap dances from strippers before leaving a copy of the Muslim Quran at a Florida bar. But it is possible they were practicing the Islamic doctrine of Al-Taqiyya, which allows Muslims to deny their religious beliefs, lie, and commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts in order to pursue war. In the same manner, it is possible Salah Abdeslam took similar actions as a cover for his plans with ISIS.

[Image via AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert]