Louis Tomlinson Denies Relationship With Baby Mama Briana

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is reportedly set to become a daddy early in the new year. Back in August Louis confirmed that he was having a baby with Briana Jungwirth an L.A. based stylist with whom Tomlinson had a brief relationship whilst on tour with One Direction. Since confirming that he is the father of baby Tomlinson, Louis has remained totally tight-lipped about Briana and the baby. Whilst Tomlinson has remained silent, internet rumors have raged. As reported earlier by the Inquisitr, during the summer it was even rumored that Tomlinson had skipped off to Las Vegas and secretly married Briana.

Many One Direction fans insist that Briana Jungwirth’s pregnancy is fake whilst others claim that the baby is not Tomlinson’s. As time passes and the arrival of baby Tomlinson grows closer, many believe that Louis’ silence on the matter is, at best, baffling. Many One Direction fans still believe that Tomlinson is in a gay relationship with band-mate Harry Styles, and insist that Louis’ baby story is an attempt to cover up that relationship. Some even insist that Briana is acting as a surrogate to enable Louis and Harry to have a baby of their own.

Whatever the truth may be Tomlinson’s silence on the matter is baffling. Most expectant fathers talk about little else. Even more baffling is the fact that Louis and Briana have not been seen in public together since the pregnancy was confirmed. Back at the beginning of last month, the Daily Mail reported that Briana had been spotted cheering on Louis and the rest of One Direction at their London shows. Jungwirth was at the show with Tomlinson’s mother and sister but after the show Louis headed out partying with a group of female friends and Briana was nowhere to be seen.

Despite Tomlinson’s silence about his impending fatherhood, it is believed that Louis has spent over $3 million on a house near to the L.A suburb where Briana grew up. Numerous reports claim that Louis wants to spend as much time as possible with Baby Tomlinson, and that he intends to be fully involved in raising the child.

There have been few indications as to where Briana fits into Louis’ life. It had been thought that Tomlinson and Briana were trying to work out what their relationship might look like, especially after Louis introduced her to his family. It now seems that Louis and Briana are not in a relationship, after Tomlinson insisted that he is very much a single man.

The Mirror reported that Louis has shot down rumors that he and Briana are a couple during a U.S. chat show interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“Louis candidly confirmed that he is not back in the arms of his American lover, who is just four months away from having their child.”

“Asked who was single during a U.S. TV chat, Lou​i​s ​bluntly ​said,’well I am’.”

Apparently Louis also admits that he is looking for “a nice girl with a good sense of humor.” Over the past few days it seemed as if Louis had his eye set on U.K. X-Factor contestant, Louisa Johnson, after it was revealed that Louis had been sending messages to the pretty blonde. If Louis is looking for a fling with Louisa it seems that he is set for a disappointment.

According to the Daily Star, Louisa confirmed to the Mirror that she had received a private message from Tomlinson but she says that Louis is not her type.

“Louis Tomlinson direct messaged me. He just said, ‘Good luck’. It was nice to have support, I replied, saying, ‘Thanks so much.’ He’s just a normal person. He’s not really my type.”

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]