Check out this “Meat Dress” made from Salami and Bacon – Yum!

The Inquisitr loves meat, especially bacon but we’ll settle for a good salami sandwich now and then too, so when we saw this remarkable dress made from both bacon and salami, we just had to let you know about it.

Jia Jem was trying to come up with something unique to wear to her ATHF birthday party so she created a dress made of meat.

I chose salami because it’s thin, keeps in one piece, and is quite cheap, and bacon because it looks very, um, meaty. I considered somehow vacuum-sealing sheets of meat with those sealers they have on the markets now, but the machines were too expensive for a one-time-only disposeable dress. I ended up using the K.I.S.S. method of construction, which involved a basic shift dress out of thick cotton. I layed the meat on top, then put clear vinyl over it and sewed tracks with clear thread. I used a wide stitch length to avoid perforating the meat to the point it might just… uh, slide down the bottom of the dress. I also blotted it all before sewing to get rid of as much grease as possible to avoid clouding the vinyl. Lastly, I made sure to bind the bottom of the dress with a strip of clear vinyl to catch drips. (I love talking about this; it’s so disgusting.) The whole project took about 6 hours, and I kept it refrigerated until the party. Good times.

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