Teen, 18, Stabs Her Step-Cousin, 17, To Death In Front Lawn After Sleepover, Was 'Obsessed' With The Pretty Girl

A Georgia teen, 18-year-old Olivia Smith, stabbed her step-cousin, 17-year-old Abbey Hebert, to death with a kitchen knife after a sleepover. The terrifying murder took place in the front lawn as Smith stabbed her younger cousin in the face while witnesses looked on in horror. Following the murder, the slain teen's family is claiming that the murderous step-cousin was jealous of Abbey's good looks, and that she was "obsessed" with the teen in the time leading up to the murder. In fact, Abbey's father says that Olivia went to great measure to look like his daughter, even dying her hair the same shade.

Olivia Smith murders Abbey Hebert
Olivia Smith and Abbey Hebert in a selfie together. (Image via Twitter)

The Daily Mail reported that Abbey Hebert's family is calling out the bizarre and obsessive behavior of Olivia Smith in the days leading up to the murder. The two teens had always been close as they were step-cousins. It was noted that the girls were step-cousins because after Hebert's parents divorced 12 years ago, her mother remarried, and her step-father's brother is Smith's father.

The family also claims that Olivia was always jealous of Abbey's good looks. Abbey's father says that Olivia did everything in her power to look like Abbey and that her social media accounts were filled with photos to prove it. In the photos of the pair smiling together, he points out that it is obvious the measures that Olivia went to to ensure she looked like Abbey. In fact, Olivia even dyed her hair the exact same shade as her step-cousin Abbey and posted a selfie to show the hair off. Also, just a couple days before the murder, Olivia tweeted Abbey saying, "love you sweet girl." Abbey responded, "love you more than life."

Abbey Hebert Facebook
Abbey Hebert was murdered by her "jealous" step-cousin in the family's front lawn. (Image via Facebook)

However, things would take a drastic turn only a few days later as the girls had a sleepover together. Following the sleepover, Olivia and Abbey got into an argument. The police report says that the argument started in the kitchen where Olivia grabbed a knife and stabbed the unsuspecting Abbey. The teen then ran outside to flee but Olivia chased her outside and proceeded to jump on top of her in the front lawn and repeatedly stab her in the face. Witnesses say they saw Smith jump on top of Hebert out on the lawn, before stabbing her multiple times directly in the face with the kitchen knife.

Olivia Smith
The mugshot of Olivia Smith after she brutally stabbed her step-cousin in the face. (Image via mugshot)

When police arrived, it was noted that Smith was still near Hebert's body, and that she was promptly arrested. The murder shocked the whole community, especially Abbey and Olivia's friends. The friends claim that the two teens were really close, and that they had been close for years prior to the unexpected murder. Abbey's father Steve Hebert says that he doesn't know what happened to the love that Olivia supposedly had for his child.

"It didn't matter that, on November 12, Olivia tweeted Abbey that she loved her. Abbey tweeted her back that she loved her more than the world. The thing on my plate is on November 14th at around 8:20, that love that Olivia supposedly had for my child turned to hatred and it turned to murder."
Abbey's grandmother says that she believes Olivia killed Abbey out of jealousy of the teen's good looks.
"When you attack someone and you go for their face you're trying to destroy their beauty. And I think she was trying to take Abbey's beauty away from her, but she could never do that because Abbey was beautiful on the inside and out."
Now Abbey's parents say that two families are left to grieve due to Olivia's actions, which they will never understand.
"You know there's loved ones grieving on both sides, I understand that. I'm grieving, because I lost my daughter. I will never get to speak to her again."
[Image via Twitter]