‘General Hospital’ News: Jason Thompson Wraps Filming As Dr. Patrick Drake

After a decade of playing Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital, actor Jason Thompson has officially wrapped up his time with the show. Thompson confirmed not long ago that he was indeed leaving the soap, and now he shared via social media that he has filmed his last scenes.

Though the show has yet to detail when Jason Thompson’s last air date as Dr. Patrick Drake will be, General Hospital fans can get a fairly solid idea now. After telling fans that he had decided to move on from the role, indicating that it had been a difficult decision, Jason is now revealing that his last day of filming happened this week.

Thompson shared the news via his Instagram page.

“Yesterday morning. Nov 20th. 5:55 am. It was my birthday and also my last day of playing Patrick Drake on GH after 10 years. It was a long, emotional, exhausting, thrilling at times overwhelming day, and I am so grateful for every one of those moments. Change can be exciting and scary all at once. Shake it up..see what comes out. Thank you for the Birthday wishes. Thank you for the well wishes. See you soon.”

While the General Hospital actor isn’t detailing where he is heading next, there has been a lot of speculation that his next role is already lined up. Burgess Jenkins is leaving the role of Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless, and insiders have revealed that Y&R really wants to bring Thompson in for the spot.

According to Daytime Confidential, Y&R is gunning to have Thompson head to Genoa City. However, as of the end of October, reportedly no deal had been reached yet. At that point, it had just been rumored that Jenkins was leaving his role.

Jenkins has, however, confirmed his upcoming departure since then. The timing certainly does appear to lend itself to bringing Thompson onboard, though it is not known just when Jenkins will wrap his time in the role of Billy.

What will General Hospital do with the role of Dr. Patrick Drake? When will Thompson’s last show on-screen in the role air? There has been talk that Thompson’s last airdate would likely come before Christmas, and it would appear that this is how things will shake out.

As for what happens with Drake, fans will have to stay tuned to find out. Will he leave town with Robin and Emma, knowing that his future with Sam has disintegrated now that Jason is back? Will they recast the role, as has been rumored, or will something extreme happen to Patrick?

Viewers watched in recent episodes as Patrick and Emma had some very powerful, emotional scenes. After a spell of trouble, Patrick promised Emma that he would never be without her. Some have a feeling that these scenes may well be setting the stage for this big change ahead, but little more is known so far.

The show has yet to detail where things are headed with Thompson’s departure and the character of Patrick, but more information should be emerging soon. Can you see someone else stepping into the role of Dr. Patrick Drake? Should Patrick, and Emma, simply head out of town with the door left open for a recast and return down the road, or will the show head in another direction?

Fans will have to stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers as they become available leading into Jason Thompson’s final episodes with the show. No matter how Thompson leaves in his final scenes as Patrick, it will surely be an emotional journey for GH fans.

[Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images]