Kim Richards Yelled She Didn’t Even Like ‘Fake’ And ‘Phony’ Kyle Richards During ‘RHOBH’ Season 1 Filming

The sibling relationship between Kim Richards and Kyle Richards has gone through major ups and downs during their time together on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As far back as Season 1, viewers have seen Kim and Kyle verbally argue with one another. Shockingly, during the filming of the premiere season, Kim even screamed that Kyle is “fake” and phony.” Kim also yelled that she doesn’t like Kyle. This scene was edited out of the season, but will air during Sunday night’s uncensored Season 1 special.

In preparation for the upcoming sixth season, Bravo is taking viewers down memory lane with the airing of an uncensored special on the first season. The special will show the Season 1 cast members, which besides Kim and Kyle consisted of Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammer, Taylor Armstrong, and Adrienne Maloof, reminiscing about some of the seasons’ more dramatic moments. It will also show a producer giving some insider information on what was really happening when scenes were shot.

One preview of the special shows that Kim and Kyle’s heated argument during Taylor’s birthday party, shown on the season finale episode, was even worse than viewers saw. During season 1, viewers saw Kyle confront Kim at the party about not defending her during an earlier argument with Camille. In an interview for the uncensored special, Kyle admits that that the real cause for the argument was Kim’s drinking.

“Kim showed up. I could tell that she had been drinking. I was upset. I was really angry that, you know, here we are, it’s the finale, it’s the last time we’re shooting. ‘Why would you do this? Why would you do this?’ It was very hard because we didn’t want to talk about what the real problem was. It was, ‘You didn’t have my back because you were drinking.'”

The special then shows unaired footage that shows Kyle asking a producer where Kim is. The producer tells Kyle that Kim is in the hotel lobby, where the crew is not allowed to film. A clearly angry Kyle orders the producer to try to get Kim to come up from the lobby. When the producer tells Kyle that he’ll try but that Kim is very angry with him right now, Kyle says, “Who cares.”

In an interview, the producer says that while down at the lobby, Kim “just melted down and was screaming and yelling and cursing.” On the special, Kim can be heard from the lobby yelling that she doesn’t even like Kyle and that Kyle is faking her persona.

“I don’t even like her, she’s a fake [expletive], fake phony. She’s a liar. She’s faking the whole godd***ed thing. And I’m sick of it! Sick of her pretending to be someone she’s not!”

While that scene was left on the editing floor, viewers did see Kim Richards and Kyle Richards continue their fight in a limo. Kyle yelled out that Kim’s an alcoholic and that she and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, will stop giving her aid and stop covering for her. Kim shrieked back an explosive accusation, “You stole my [expletive] house!” A caption at the of the show stated that after filming the season, Kim checked herself into rehab and then quickly checked herself out.

Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills provided some answers to the accusation that Kim hurled on the very first season. In one scene, Kim accused Kyle of selling their mom’s house from under her. Kyle retorted that she has checks showing that Kim was paid fairly and that Kim clearly knew that the house was being sold since she insisted that Farrah, Kyle’s daughter, and Brooke, Kim’s daughter, share the listing. In a blog post recapping the episode, Kyle explained the whole house situation.

“For five years now, people have thought that I ‘stole’ my sister’s house…When she brought it up again this time, after we had spoken about it in private and cleared it up, I wasn’t going to just sit back again and have my character and integrity attacked…It’s quite simple: My sisters BOTH wanted me to buy them out of our Mother’s house. I did so. Paying them BOTH an equal amount…For whatever reason, as years passed, she thought I paid Kathy more. NOT the case. Which is why I brought up the deposited checks AGAIN. I do not want to go into more private details, even though in doing so it would explain my side MUCH more clearly.”

The preview for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6, which premieres on Tuesday, December 1, shows that Kim Richards, while she is no longer a starring housewife, will be seen in at least one scene with Lisa Rinna.

Perhaps Kim, who was arrested twice and entered rehab over the summer after filming the Season 5 reunion show, will also be seen hashing out her issues with sister Kyle Richards, this time not hiding her struggles with sobriety and how that has affected their relationship?

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]