Peter Gold Shooting Video: Medical Student Shot In Stomach, Nearly Executed While Saving Woman Being Abducted

Peter Gold was shot and nearly executed after the medical student stopped his car to save a woman from being mugged and abducted. Video of the violent assault is being released in the hopes of finding the assailant.

New Orleans police released surveillance footage showing the Tulane University medical student driving his car in the city’s Lower Garden District while a man dragged a woman toward an SUV, reported.

When Peter Gold got out to help the woman, the gunman turned his attention to the 25-year-old medical student instead, demanding money.

Peter Gold shooting video released

The video shows Gold saying something to the mugger, who then shoots Gold in the stomach. As Gold fell to the ground, the gunman stood above him and tried to shoot Gold in the head from point-blank range, but the gun appeared to misfire twice.

“The victim explained to the suspect, repeatedly, that he did not have any cash,” the New Orleans Police Department said in a news release. “The suspect became enraged and shot the victim once in the stomach and attempted to shoot him a second time, but the gun jammed.”

The president of Tulane University, Mike Fitts, released a statement on Friday commending the student and asking for prayers.

“Peter did his undergraduate work at Tulane, where he was very active at Hillel. Both his parents and sister attended Tulane. I ask that you keep Peter and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He is an outstanding student who represents the best of Tulane in every possible way.”

Those who knew Peter Gold said they were not surprised to see him risk his life to help someone in danger.

“That is so Peter,” said Michele Adams, who taught Gold at Tulane. “He was always engaged, involved with his peers and just an amazing person, so it doesn’t surprise me to hear he was trying to help someone. ‘Selfless’ is what comes to mind.”

Adams said Gold won the department’s “Outstanding Student” award.

“Peter is really one of the nicest people you would ever meet, and he is an amazing student, I’m sure, even in med school,” she said.

Gold appeared to put his medical knowledge to use during the incident. The medical student began attending to the woman when the attacker jumped out of the SUV and held Gold at gunpoint.

The video of Peter Gold being shot has gone viral on the Internet, shared across the country as outrage grew over the nearly deadly assault. The video can be seen below, but be warned that it contains disturbing images.