Justin Bieber Serenades Selena Gomez With ‘My Girl,’ Slow Dances At Hotel And We’re Not Mad At It

So, we’re guessing you heard about Justin Bieber singing “My Girl” to his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, when they hung out together last night?

Yes. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted chatting at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel on Friday night (November 20). At one point, the hotel lounge singer handed his mic to our favorite Canadian star, who then serenaded “The Heart Wants What It Wants” songstress with The Temptations’ 1965 classic “My Girl.”

Eyewitness, photographer Lindsey Cavanaugh of Eat Pray Photo, shared two videos and a group snap of herself and friends with the Biebs.

ustin Bieber and Selena Gomez
(Photo: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sitting together at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles on November 20)

“Justin was playing ‘Sorry’ on the piano before he walked over and sat down at the table where my friends and I were sitting,” Cavanaugh told Cosmopolitan magazine. “He was talking to us about life and music — he was so down to earth and such a nice guy — and then Selena came.”

Cavanaugh added, “When she got there they looked so happy to see each other. They talked for a little bit, and then he sang ‘My Girl’ to her. It was amazing.”

Alongside one of the Instagram videos she posted last night, was one of Justin singing his hit “Sorry.” The photographer wrote, “When you’re having a drink at an empty hotel bar and @justinbieber appears out of nowhere and begins to sing on the piano.”

Lindsey added, #LOSINGMYS***”

A couple of hours later, Lindsey shared another video of Justin singing to Selena.

Her caption reads, “@justinbieber singing my girl to @selenagomez….is this real? Pure magic.”

On Saturday, Cavanaugh shared another video, captioning it, “Does anyone have a drool cloth I can borrow? @justinbieber @selenagomez.”

To E! News, Cavanaugh said when Bieber chatted with her and friends and they asked what he was doing at the bar, that he replied, he was “meeting up with his ex.”

The photographer confirmed Gomez arrived alone before she and the Biebs chatted together on their own couch. They then went up to the bar and later danced together in front of the piano as the lounge singer sang Lionel Richie’s “Easy.”

Justin Bieber

“They were honestly mesmerizing to watch slow dance,” Cavanaugh said. “My business partner gave him the thumbs up and he gave it back to her and laughed, then dipped Selena all the way to the floor.”

She added, “Shortly after that, she sat on the table and he somehow started singing ‘My Girl.’ She [Selena] was smiling and in that moment, didn’t look like Selena Gomez — rather a girl at a bar being doted on by her first love.”

Bieber also posed for a photo with Cavanaugh and her friends, which Gomez took. “She was bubbly and sweet, shouted ‘one more!’ and then we were on our way,” Lindsey recalled.

Lindsey’s note reads, “Photo cred: @selenagomez. He asked to sit at our table to chat, so impressed by the kindness (and realness!) of this guy tonight. Now a #belieber.”


To Refinery29, Cavanaugh added another detail about when Bieber first arrived at the hotel and began chatting with her and her friends.

“He mentioned he was waiting for his ex-girlfriend and was excited [and] nervous, we all threw out the ‘man we’ve all been there’ kind of thing and tried to just talk normally — if that’s even a thing,” she wrote in an email to the magazine.

Refinery29 adds, “Cavanaugh said Gomez was smiling and laughing the entire time.”

After their hotel hang, Justin and Selena took a stroll in Beverly Hills.

The Biebs went on to party at the Nice Guy and the Hyde nightclub with a group of old pals including Hailey Baldwin and Kylie Jenner, although the hitmaker left separately.

Unlike some outlets — who appear to have forgotten Bieber and Gomez were spotted at the same hotel in July enjoying some poolside time, and also at a church social in May — it’s clear the pair speak and see each other.

Both stars have spoken about each other in various interviews while promoting their respective albums, Revival and Purpose, and have done so with huge affection. None of which is surprising since Bieber and Gomez’s now ended romance — albeit rocky, and on and off — was a first love relationship which lasted 2010 to late 2014.

For her part, back in December 2014, while speaking by phone to Norway’s NJR radio, Selena said of her ex, “I definitely have so much respect and love for him.”

Fast forward to February, in her cover story for V magazine, the Latina said of her relationship with Justin, “It almost felt like all we had was each other, like the world was against us — in a way. It was really weird but it was incredible. I would never take it back in a million years. You live and you learn, you know?”

To the New York Times in September, Selena referred to criticism she faced over her romance and spoke about the Biebs’ career comeback, saying, “While people were writing that I was stupid for being in it, this is what I always saw in him. I’m like, duh!”

In an interview with Elle the same month, she didn’t rule out reuniting with Justin in the future, and said “I don’t know!” when asked. She also told the magazine, “Genuinely, I’ll forever support him and love him in a way that… We grew up together. I think people want it to be different.”

“We’re too young for that. Nobody was married…I respect him. And I think he respects me — in a healthy manner,” she added.

In October, Selena told Refinery 29 magazine that she got her “heart broken,” and had been “pissed about it.” However, she also said, “at this point, there is no anger. There’s closure in a very good, healthy way.”

Gomez concluded, “We’ve seen each other. I’m always encouraging, and I am proud of his journey. I think people are making it out to be something that is more tragic than it really was. We grew up together. We both made mistakes. That’s it.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host managed to pry the titles of (at least) three songs on Purpose which Justin admitted were inspired by Selena.

Those songs are “Mark My Words,“Sorry,” and “What Do You Mean?” Lyrics to the emotion-laden ballad include, “But I won’t let me lose you/ And I won’t let us just fade away/ After all that we’ve been through / I’mma show you more than I ever could say.”

The 21-year-old heartthrob’s video for “Mark My Words” is similarly heartfelt.

During the interview, he said, “We have a lot of history together so it could possibly happen.”

He mused, “I think we’re both just on our own journeys, figuring ourselves out and once we’ve figured ourselves out we could maybe come together and make an awesome duo.”

Watch the Ellen interview here.

In a days later sit-down with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, Justin confessed he would “never stop loving her [Selena].” He also said the pair “always respected each other. And we still respect each other.”

At the time, the singer added, “I think we both gotta do some soul searching ourselves, and figure our ourselves before we can just try to figure out each other.”

So, is there a possibility Justin Bieber that Selena Gomez might find their way back to “Jelena” at some point? Maybe. Maybe not.

But three things are certain: 1) It’s nobody’s business but theirs. 2) Justin and Selena voluntarily chose to meet each other last night. 3) They seem to have had fun. No, we’re not mad at it at all.

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