Was Jaden Smith The Real Reason On Why Kylie Jenner Dumped Tyga?

Multiple sources confirmed Thursday that Kylie Jenner and Tyga just broke up right on the latter’s 26th birthday. It was said that the reason for the split was “over something that Tyga did,” according to E! News. Earlier today E! News broke the news that the real reason, or perhaps part of the reason, on why the two went their separate ways was Kylie’s rumored past-boyfriend, Jaden Smith.

The insider made a statement as to whether Jaden Smith had something to do with the break up between Tyga and Kylie Jenner.

“Kylie and Jaden have been hanging out lately and it made Tyga suspicious. He thought something might be going on. So that was one issue,” one source told E! News, however, another insider reportedly insisted that “that’s not the case.”

A second source contradicted the story, emphasizing that Jaden and Kylie regard each other as “first loves” but that nothing romantic has been going on between the two.

“She has a close relationship with Jaden since they were very young but nothing romantic has happened with them since she has been with Tyga. Jaden though will always love Kylie and Kylie will always have a love for Jaden. They grew up together and were each others’ first loves. He’s just ready to settle down and she’s not,”

Be that as it may, the reason behind the split always goes back to that “something” Tyga did. For now, we can only speculate as to what the rapper did exactly to make Jenner ruthless enough to say adios right on his 26th birthday. Kylie, considered by many as the “Queen of Social Media,” didn’t even send Tyga a birthday greeting on the day itself, and just posted a photo of herself on Instagram. No mention of Tyga anywhere.


Those who have been keeping track should already know that Tyga has been dying to propose to Kylie on his 26th birthday.

“Tyga’s turning 26 tomorrow and it’s going to be one hell of a night at 1Oak in L.A.,” a source told Hollywood Life exclusively. “And while that’s going to be a blast of a night for him, he’d much rather be putting a ring on Kylie’s finger, in front of all his family and friends, on his special day.”

Of course, there’s no chance of that happening now considering that the two aren’t a couple anymore. According to another source, Jenner wasn’t ready to accept the proposal. To be fair to Tyga, he said that he doesn’t want to “force the issue,” but that “he wants to do something special for Kylie and make the night about her, too.” It was reported that Tyga is mulling over the idea of giving Kylie a “special promise ring” to let her know that the “big question is on his mind.”


Too bad for Tyga, marriage is the furthest thing from Kylie Jenner’s mind. Not surprising, considering that she just turned 18 last August. Could it be that Kylie is just feeling a lot of pressure over being on the receiving end of a promised proposal?

“Kylie wants to not be with anyone now. She wants to focus on her. Tyga is ready for marriage and would be ready to seal the deal with Kylie. Kylie wants to go out with her friends and just have a bit of fun. She has many guy friends but nothing romantic has happen with any of them. She never cheated on Tyga. Anything is possible in the future but as of now Kylie is just going to be focusing on herself.”

And this brings us back to Jaden Smith. As mentioned earlier, Jaden and Kylie remain very close friends. But it’s possible that Tyga is feeling threatened by it. Just this past October, while the two were having dinner in Calabasas, Kylie seemed to pay more attention to her cellphone over Tyga. Was Kylie talking to Jaden Smith on the other end? We can only speculate.

[Photo by Mireya Acierto, Dimitrios Kambouris, Jamie McCarthy; Getty Images]