HTC One X Wi-Fi Issue Confirmed By Company, Fix In The Works


HTC officials have finally acknowledged what we have known for a week, the HTC One X smartphone is susceptible to WiFi connectivity issues. The company released a statement to Android Central on Monday afternoon in which it acknowledged a now identified issue with the production process.

Officials revealed that efforts are already underway to prevent future One X models from running into the same WiFi connectivity issues.

If you are unfamiliar with the problem it began last week when users started reporting Wi-Fi issues. In some cases the problem caused rapid battery drain, in other cases the phone was simply incapable of connecting to Wi-Fi networks. At the time of the issues first being reported HTC asked users to squeeze the back of the phone between the camera lens and volume buttons, if Wi-Fi issues occurred the phone was defective.

The HTC One X WiFi issue was being caused by a poorly connected common antenna. Users have the option to re-solder the device however that option is not suggested because it could cause more harm to the device and will void the warranty.

HTC claims that the issue is relatively isolated at this time and it has urged any users suffering from such problems to return their handsets to the point of purchase.

The HTC One X has not had the best string of luck, it was first held at U.S. Customs by an order of the International Trade Commission which was looking into the phones compliance with import ban restrictions.