'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Glenn's Fate May Have Been Revealed Through A Walkie Talkie Foreshadow

The Walking Dead may have just given a huge hint about Glenn's fate, with a potential spoiler hidden in the scene that apparently showed his death.

The zombie-survivor show has been known for ruthlessly killing off characters, even some major ones, but still managed to shock viewers when fan favorite Glenn Rhee was apparently torn apart by walkers.

In the weeks since then, the show has not addressed Glenn's fate, leading to plenty of speculation as to whether he is really dead. But The Walking Dead may have just delivered a huge spoiler at the end of the most recent episode, giving a hint that Glenn could be alive and trying to communicate with the other survivors.

At the end of the latest episode, Daryl's radio crackled with a faint call for help, leading many fans to believe it was a signal of Glenn's return.

Normal Reedus was quick to deny that thought.

"It's not Glenn! Don't ask me! It's not Glenn!," he said in a post-show interview, via Vanity Fair.

But Vanity Fair pointed out that Glenn was seen earlier this season with a walkie talkie attached to his hip, and it was even seen in the official promo photo from AMC.

The show may have even engaged in a bit of foreshadowing about Glenn's walkie talkie.

"That's not quite enough evidence to draw any conclusion, but if you watch that harrowing dumpster scene again, you'll see that the show went to great lengths to make Glenn's walkie visible to the audience as he bent over to pick his gun back up. (Why would he put down his gun?!)"

As The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, The Walking Dead would not be the first show to bring back a major character who appeared to be dead. In fact, Tim Goodman noted that it appears to be a trend for shows to fake out fans by making it appear that fan-favorite characters are gone.

As he noted, fans have been up in arms about the apparent death of Glenn Rhee, but said it would be very unrealistic if he were to survive the apparently deadly attack from the walkers.

"In any case, Glenn's apparent death is a very, very big deal for the critical fallout of The Walking Dead — the veracity of the death has by far the most riding on it for the series. That's because The Walking Dead has been criticized before (many times) about people surviving what look like impossible odds. But in this case, these really are impossible odds. If Glenn survives this, no other death on The Walking Dead can be believed, and that robs from the writers of the show their most powerful tool. If Glenn survives, any future death will have to be so patently obvious as to the outcome that there can be no doubt. And, if Glenn survives, there will be doubt on those future deaths no matter how obvious. No one will ever believe or be fooled again."
But there are many who believe that The Walking Dead will indeed bring back Glenn, pointing to other clues including actor Steven Yuen apparently spotted filming.

For those following closely, showrunner Scott M. Gimple has already revealed a huge spoiler for The Walking Dead. In a note to fans through the Talking Dead podcast, Gimple already revealed that Glenn would be back in one form or another. Gimple said fans will see "some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story, to help complete the story."

[Image via AMC.com]