Did Brooke Mueller And Charlie Sheen Enjoy Prostitutes Together? [Report]

Charlie Sheen reportedly spent almost two million dollars on prostitutes two years after discovering he was HIV-positive. But now, according to new reports, his wife Brooke Mueller also enjoyed these services and the couple allegedly shared drugs and prostitutes together.

A report by the Daily Mail states that a madam supplied prostitutes to Charlie Sheen and his then wife Brooke Mueller for years and she is now opening up about the actor’s sexual proclivities.

Anna Gristina, the former boss of a Upper East Side brothel, recently revealed to Page Six that she provided the couple with prostitutes for two years until a few months before Sheen was diagnosed with HIV. Gristina also said that Sheen paid more for having sex without a condom, and began to prefer the company of pre-op transsexuals.

“The porn girls he liked would agree to go bareback [without protection] because he gave them an extra $5,000, $10,000. And some of them would agree because they were hoping they would get pregnant,” said Gristina. “He would give girls incentives not to use protection, and the girls would try to please him because they wanted to come back.”

Gristina also believes that the 50-year-old Two and a Half Men actor likely contracted the life-threatening virus from a porn-star prostitute.

“These girls are definitely high-risk for HIV,” Gristina said of the porn stars/prostitutes, adding that she “guarantees he got it [HIV] from one of these girls.”

She also revealed that Mueller enjoyed the services of the women as well.

“They had an addiction, not just to the drugs but to the girls. The wife was into everything,” Gristina explained.”Sometimes he would just sit on the laptop gambling and chain-smoking cigarettes, and the wife would be enjoying the girls.”

It also came to light that in 2013, two years after discovering he was HIV positive, Sheen spent more than $1.6 million on prostitutes. According to Radar Online, citing a previous report from The National Enquirer, Sheen’s financial records show that he spent more than $1 million on sex workers in one year alone while he was infected with HIV.

The exact figure Sheen allegedly spent on hookers that year was $1,629,507, an insider close to the actor revealed, and “the item was listed as ‘Friendly Entertainment,’ which was Charlie’s shorthand for sex workers.”

Gristina also claimed that Sheen would ask some of the women about men that could accompany him and his wife in bed.

“He never asked me, but he said to my girls, ‘Do you have any guys that you could call right now?'” Gristina says. “I have no idea if he wanted them for himself, or if he wanted to watch them have sex with the other girls or with his wife or what.”

Ultimately, Sheen spent up to $100,000 per night, according to Gristina, who pleaded guilty to a single count of promoting prostitution in 2012.

Charlie Sheen surprised the world when he went on the Today show and confessed he had HIV. The shocking revelation generated a wave of comments and complaints from the women he has had sex with, but many also wonder if his 6-year-old twin sons Bob and Max, and their mother, Brooke Mueller, also have the disease. Brooke’s spokesperson Steve Honig recently spoke up in her defense and said “Brooke can confirm that she and the boys are not HIV positive.”

It should be mentioned that Denise Richards, the second ex-wife of the former highest paid actor on television, also denied being HIV positive. Richards reportedly knewn about Sheen’s HIV for “a number of years” but that neither she nor their daughters Sam, 11, and Lola, 10, have tested positive.

[Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment]