Where Did Charlie Sheen Pay Out $10 Million In Hush Money, And Why?

Details are slowly coming out about the way Charlie Sheen has paid out money before his HIV revelation on the Today Show. Though nobody should be extorted over an illness, the main person he paid did not know a thing about his status before they were intimate, and found out when Sheen asked her to fetch his “HIV medication.”

According to the Inquisitr, Sheen is relieved that the hush money is going to stop. He said the journey from diagnosis to revealing it to the world has been a rough one, and that he went on a “suicide run” in 2011, getting himself fired from Two and a Half Men, and going on the bender of all benders, claiming he was super-human and had tiger blood. Sheen says he went into a deep depression, and was trying to outrun his diagnosis.

The Daily Mail is revealing that is was sexual escapades with three people involving drugs that had Charlie Sheen writing out a big check. The woman, who has not been named, spoke to the press through her friend, Jason Quinlan, who detailed what led up to the big pay out.

“The actor had booked the young starlet and a female companion for a threesome sex session at his Beverly Hills mansion in 2011,” explains Jason Quinlan, a close friend of the actress in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online. “After a 12-hour drug, alcohol and sex marathon at the $7.5million home, the spaced-out superstar nonchalantly asked the porn star to fetch his ‘HIV pills’ from the bathroom.”

At first, the woman thought he was making a creepy joke, but then she realized that Sheen was serious.

“But when Sheen — who had been smoking crack cocaine — persisted and the woman in her 20s went to his private bathroom, she realized the shocking truth: the actor is HIV positive. The young woman found several bottles of prescription medicine typically used to fend off the affects of HIV, which if untreated leads to AIDS, and Sheen himself confirmed her fears.”

The woman confided to Quinlan about the experience with Sheen, and explained that she was panicked that she had caught the virus from him.

“She told me, ‘I’d been having unprotected sex with him for almost a year along with 50 other girls at minimum.”‘

The actress confronted Sheen soon after, and he just laughed it off, saying his viral load was zero, so there was “no way” that he had put her at risk. Through wrangling and contact with a personal injury lawyer, Sheen agreed to $10 million over time to the porn actress, with a commitment that she wouldn’t tell anyone. It is unclear if the payments have now come to an end.

Perez Hilton reported that Sheen knew at that time about his diagnosis, but was still having unprotected sex and using recreational drugs at the time this actress asked for a pay-off.

“It’s said the XXX actress thought the Anger Management star was just joking until he insisted (while high on crack cocaine) that she grab the medicine from the water closet. Jeepers!”

The confusion on whether or not Sheen is contagious played out in front of Matt Lauer when Charlie Sheen seemed unclear that undetectable virus meant that he could not transmit the virus. Lauer and his doctor corrected Sheen, but it is unclear if he totally understands the difference.

Do you think the payments Charlie Sheen made were extortion, or did he owe the porn star some sort of payment?

[Photo courtesy of Andrew Burton/Getty Images]