Southwest Airlines Apologizes After Telling Female To Cover “Inappropriate” Cleavage

southwest cleavage passenger

Southwest Airlines has come under fire after telling a passenger that she couldn’t board a flight until she covered up her “inappropriate” cleavage.

The female passenger who is going by the name “Avital” says she was boarding a 6 a.m. flight from Las Vegas to New York on June 5 when a ticket agent told her to cover her breasts or leave.

Speaking to Jezebel Avital said she was wearing a cotton dress and flannel shirt with a bright scarf and despite the warning she walked right by the ticketing agent and boarded the plan.

“I didn’t want to let the representative’s Big Feelings about my breasts change the way I intended to board my flight,” she told Jezebel.

She responded:

“And lo and behold, the plane didn’t fall out of the sky… my cleavage did not interfere with the plane’s ability to function properly.”

Oddly Avital was the only female to be “slut shamed” on the plane, even though another female was wearing an equally “provocative” outfit.

After speaking with Southwest Airlines the passenger was offered a full refund.

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines says it is the company’s policy to allow agents to turn away passengers they feel have dressed inappropriately.

This is not the first time Southwest Airlines has revealed policies which have been known to discriminate against a females choice in clothing. When not attacking females over their clothing the airline can often be found arguing with obese customers regarding seating arrangements.

Do you think Southwest Airlines needs to take a deep breath and calm down?