Rihanna To Be Interviewed By Oprah For ‘Next Chapter’

Oprah Winfrey has had a string of high profile celebrities stop by her talk show recently, and now you can count Rihanna among them.

In a post on her Twitter account, Winfrey confirmed that superstar singer Rihanna will be interviewed in a future episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, which airs exclusively on Winfrey’s “OWN” network. The episode is scheduled to air at some point in August.

Details on Oprah’s interview with Rihanna are unknown at this point, but you can expect that the legendary talk show host has at least a question or two about Chris Brown, especially now that the two appear to have reconciled. Whether or not that will be the focus of the interview is anyone’s guess, but expect to hear something about it.

The upcoming episode won’t be the first time Oprah has had Rihanna on one of her shows, but it will be her first interview with the Barbadian singer. Rihanna appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in early 2010 to perform “Redemption Song” to benefit victims of the Haiti earthquake.

In 2009, Oprah dedicated an entire episode to domestic violence. Considering that the episode closely followed after news broke of Rihanna’s assault by her former boyfriend, it’s likely that was at least part of the inspiration for the episode.

What do you hope Oprah asks Rihanna in the interview?