Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet, Will come With Innovative ‘Touch Cover’

Microsoft hosted an unveiling at Milk Studios in Hollywood, California on Monday to unveil their answer to the Apple iPad. That answer is the Microsoft Surface Tablet, a thin, lightweight touch screen with a physical keyboard.

Yahoo News reports that, while Microsoft is not actually manufacturing the tablet (like they don’t really make the Xbox or the Zune), it will have the Microsoft name on it. With this new addition, the Seattle-based company could become a heat-to-head competitor with their own PC maker partners.

The new tablet comes from a new business model known as Windows RT (or Windows on ARM), a new operating system, which is the first full-fledged Windows version to run on ARM Holdings chips, according to Yahoo News.

MSNBC reports that the Surface will be coming with two options, one that runs the Nvidia ARM processors with Windows RT, and one that runs on Intel-based processors for a full-blown version of Windows 8. The ARM version will come in two configurations: 32 GB and 64 GB, and will be priced to compete with other ARM tablets (like the iPad).

The Windows RT model will be made available about the same time of the new Windows 8 availability, with the Intel processor Windows 8 Pro tablets coming three months later. The Windows 8 tablets will have 64 GB and 128 GB configurations, and will be priced to compete with other ultrabooks, according to MSNBC.

So, how big will the Microsoft tablet be? Windows chief Steven Sinofsky boasts they will have a 10.6-inch screen and be 9.3 mm thick, which is, “just wide enough for a full-size USB.” The screen is made with Gorilla Glass 2.0, making it tough. Like the iPad, it will also have a magnetically connected case, but the “Touch Cover” will include a full multi-touch keyboard.

The touch cover will add 1.8 lbs, and have a pull out kickstand for watching movies. It includes dual-antenna Wi-Fi.

Will you be getting the new Microsoft Surface Tablet when it comes out (probably this fall)?