Fifth Harmony Discusses Paris Attacks, Gives No Time To Online Trolls

Fifth Harmony has opened out about the devastating Paris attacks that took place just a week ago. The U.S. girl group also spoke about their recent trip to the city, which was part of their European tour.

In their latest interview with Billboard, Fifth Harmony revealed that they performed just days before the Paris attacks on Friday, Nov. 13. The girls expressed their sorrow over the attacks that took the lives of over 100 people. Singer Ally Brooke Hernandez tried to hold back tears as she explained how Paris holds meaning for her. She said that every time she traveled to the French capital, she felt “happy” and “safe.”

“It really just saddens me what happened in Paris because we met a lot of people over there and good people and it was ironic because the city to me was just so happy and filled with hope and then the attacks happened and that was something really hard to deal with and hard to think about.”

Both Hernandez and Camila Cabello have shared photos of Paris during their tour stop to the city on their social media accounts, according to the Latin Post. Traveling to the city was a dream come true for Hernandez.

Normani Hamilton is echoing the shock that the rest of the world felt on that day. She feels that the Paris attacks are a “wake up call” to how destructive humanity still is in the year 2015.

“It’s just really a wakeup call to humanity in general that we just need to do better. We’re supposed to be harmonious and we’re supposed to spread love but that’s just not what we’re giving and I just think we could do so much better.”

According to celebrity gossip blog, Oh No They Didn’t!, Fifth Harmony also slammed one of their fans who made jokes about both the Paris attacks and about the terrorist group ISIS. A fan of Camila Cabello tweeted: “I hope ISIS does come to America. Maybe they’ll kill Normani and it’ll be Karma for her hating Camila.” It appears that the fan was responding to Fifth Harmony’s recent comments about the Paris attacks.

Fifth Harmony
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Both Lauren Jauregui and Normani slammed the fan in their own tweets. Jauregui tweeted to the fan: “You’re a disgusting human being. Get the f**k off the internet. I’d like to see you say half those things to someone’s face.”

Meanwhile, Kordei tweeted back: “You’re dumb asf and obviously uneducated. Over 150 lives were lost and you compose this s**t. It’s not a game this is real life.”

Both Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei blocked the fan’s tweets. Once the fan noticed, she went on a meltdown on her Twitter account before proceeding to make jokes about rape and racism.

Camila Cabello
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According to Teen Vogue, Camila Cabello has now spoken out about those problematic online trolls. She let everyone know that she wants both her fans (and her haters) to stop spreading so much hate around. The outlet claims that Camila is responding to the rumors about her alleged solo career along with her supposed relationship with Shawn Mendes, but it looks like she took notice of her fan’s cruel and disgusting tweets that took place yesterday. Cabello hit back at the haters with these two simple tweets below.

Fifth Harmony recently performed at the Latin Grammys. They joined Maluma on stage in performing his hit song “Sin Contrato.” This isn’t the first time that the girl group has sung in Spanish or attended a Spanish-language award show. Fifth Harmony already has a huge Latin American fan base since three of their five members are Latinas. Over the summer, Fifth Harmony released a Spanish version of their hit song, “Worth It.”

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