Patti Labelle Takes Credit For Sweet Potato Pie Success, Disses Pie Guy, Gets Trolled On Social Media

Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie has fans in an uproar, but this time it isn’t exactly about how delectable the packaged dessert is. Apparently, the “If Only You Knew” singer has discredited James Wright Chanel, the viral “Pie Guy,” for the massive sales spike and success of her delicious pie.

According to TMZ, Patti Labelle was spotted in public and congratulated on the tremendous success of her sweet potato pie. When asked if she’d hire Wright to do more promotions for the pie since his viral video has been so successful, she replied by saying she “did it herself.” She also insisted that she’d been “selling out” long before the video was uploaded.

“I did it myself,” Patti answered.

“That guy had you sell out of pies in Walmart!” a TMZ cameraman yelled. “It’s amazing!”

“I was selling out before that guy did his wonderful video,” Patti said. “But it’s beautiful. Thank God. Isn’t it wonderful?”

She added, “Thank you, James.”

Needless to say, fans are outraged over Patti Labelle’s statements. According to Madame Noir, fans definitely aren’t pleased with Patti throwing so much shade and discrediting Chanel for the success of her pies. Now, instead of being praised for her delicious sweet potato pie, Patti is being trolled on social media by angry fans. In fact, an overwhelming number of fans have admitted that they were totally unaware Patti Labelle had a sweet potato pie on the market even after visiting Walmart’s bakery on numerous occasions. Many fans have taken to Twitter in support of Wright, criticizing Patti for the seemingly arrogant comment.

For those who missed all of the headlines, Chanel learned Patti had a sweet potato pie being sold at Walmart and decided to purchase a few. On a whim, he filmed a YouTube video to give a review of the sweet potato pie while serenading the world with her ballads.

Within hours, the footage of Chanel’s candid reaction to Patti Labelle’s pie caught the attention of millions on social media. Although the sweet potato pie has been on sale since spring of this year, Patti Labelle has seen a tremendous sales spike since Chanel’s video has gone viral.

In less than 72 hours, Chanel had received more than two million views and Patti’s pies began flying off shelves in Walmart. Chanel’s video now has more than nine million views on Facebook. In fact, it has been reported that Walmart had been selling “one pie per second” over the past couple days and it doesn’t look like the pie craze will wane anytime soon.

According to Fortune magazine, Patti Labelle’s pie is becoming a staple in Walmart’s bakery. Not only did Chanel’s video start a trend of Patti pie review videos, but due to the staggering pie shortage in stores, many buyers have taken the entrepreneurial route and are selling the $3.48 retail-priced pies on eBay for as much as $60 per pie. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, Walmart is reportedly struggling to restock Patti’s pies for the holiday season and hoping to come up with two million pounds of sweet potatoes for mass pie production.

Here’s the viral video that inspired the Patti Labelle pie craze:

What do you think about Patti Labelle’s statement? Does she deserve all of the credit for the success of her sweet potato pie? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for ALA]