Carly Simon’s Shocking Revelations Include Molestation, Identity Of The Subject Of Her Iconic Song

Carly Simon made some pretty shocking revelations in her soon-to-be released memoir, Boys in the Trees, and the legendary singer-songwriter revealed that she was sexually abused by a 16-year-old boy when she was only seven years old. Simon, who is now 70, told People magazine that she had numerous sexual encounters with the boy, who she referred to as Billy.

“It was heinous,” Simon recalled. “It changed my view about sex for a long time.”

In an interview with the publication, Simon said that she told her older sisters of the incident, but they didn’t believe her.

“Neither of them were at all aware of what had happened to me,” she said. “I told them the first year that it was happening, and they thought I was just trying to be one of the bigger girls.”

The boy, who was said to be a family friend, engaged in a sexual relationship with Carly for years until her mother told him he was no longer allowed to come over.

“I was devastated because I thought I was in a romance, which I think happens to a lot of girls,” she said. “Your libido overpowers everything. You’re so libidinous even at the age of nine and ten. And sometimes there’s an outlet there. I bet in many more cases than we know about there is.”

Although she isn’t sure if her mom was aware of their sexual encounters, Simon says her mom later sent her to speak with a psychologist. Still, Simon feels that her mother had a feeling that something was going on between the two because she banned him from the house.

“I knew I had to keep it quiet. I wanted to keep it quiet because I wanted to keep it going,” the “You’re So Vain” singer said. “And even when Dr. Frunzhaufer thought that he could get to the bottom of it with ‘Twinkle twinkle little star,’ I didn’t want to tell him. I said, ‘Yes he touched me on the chair. I was happy!’ “

In her upcoming memoir, Simon also touches on her romances with Warren Beaty, Mick Jagger, and Jack Nicholson. As an adult, Carly Simon was romantically linked to several celebrities. She married James Taylor in 1973, and divorced 10 years later. She then married poet Jim Hart, and the couple spent 20 years together before divorcing in 2007. She is now currently involved with Richard Koehler, a surgeon at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts.

For years, the mystery remained intact. The song “You’re So Vain,” which was written and performed by Carly Simon in 1972, spoke of a vain, womanizing man who left her. The song quickly became one of her biggest hits and it is currently ranked at #82 on Billboard’s Greatest Songs of All-Time.

The subject of the song was one of pop music’s most enduring mysteries and many names as to the identity of the man were considered. Years ago, Simon told an interviewer that the song was about “men,” not a specific “man” but many suspected it was Mick Jagger. She refused again and again to divulge who the song was written about, but over the years she provided “letter clues” and claimed that the subject’s name contains the letters A, E, and R. However, this did nothing but add more confusion. The intrigue into his identity was so great that in 2003, Dick Ebersol, president of NBC Sports, paid $50,000 to know the name of the subject of “You’re So Vain.” A condition of the prize imposed by Simon was that Ebersol could not reveal the name.

Now, decades later, Simon has revealed to People that the second verse of her famous song refers to actor Warren Beatty, who is often described as one of the most fascinating characters in Hollywood history. However, it is still unknown as to who the other two womanizing men were who inspired the iconic song.

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