Syrian Refugee Crisis: To Let In, Or Not To Let In? That Is The Question

Syrian refugee crisis, aka the biggest hot-button, politicized subject in popular media today. The crisis is real, but the conflict in Syria has two different theories, and it’s nearly impossible for the American people to truly decipher for themselves what is what. Syrian refugees, and possibly ISIS terrorists, mass migrated throughout Europe, and some are already in America today. According to the Wall Street Journal, the House just passed a bill to make the Syrian refugee migration from the crisis in Syria “more stringent,” as President Obama others have long since come out against it.

Is this Syrian refugee crisis migration much ado about nothing, or is there reasonable concern?

First of all, what is the process set up for the Syrian refugees, and is it legal at all? The 1980 Refugee Act is the only lawful procedure for the president to follow, which does not give him blanket authority to just open the Syrian refugee floodgates. Is this the plan we are going to follow? No one knows. Insults and rhetoric abound, but little substance is offered on the pro-Syrian refugee crisis migration side.

Arguments that utilize the Tsarnaev brothers as terrorist refugees have been refuted to some extent. The Tsarnaev brothers were sons of someone who sought asylum, so the difference in the process does make a difference between refugee and asylee. However, the point of the Tsarnaev brother reference shouldn’t be that they were or were not refugees. The point is that despite the U.S. government knowing plenty about their movements, they were ignored, and the bombing took place.

The argument about the new Syrian refugee migration is the ineptitude of the U.S. government to properly do its job. Plus, the “bleeding heart” push to take in more and more displaced Syrian refugees during this crisis.

Reuters reported Wednesday that six Syrian nationals, not mentioning if they were refugees fleeing the crisis, entered Honduras with five of them seeking to make it to the U.S. with forged Greek passports. This was the third incident of Syrians with falsified Greek passports, as three were arrested in St. Maarten on Saturday and another in Paraguay on Sunday.

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio [Image via CC BY-SA 2.0Flickr| Courtesy Of William Alatriste| Resized|Resized]If those mistakes with Syrian refugees do not hit close enough to home, how about the subtle New York City flub. DNAInfo wrote a Syrian refugee puff piece/Chris Christie attack piece that reported on NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio lambasting Christie for not taking in any refugees. The political message was equipped with “bleeding hearts,” alleged Syrian crisis victim photos, and how great New York was for taking in eight Syrian refugees with great aplomb to De Blasio’s case. Unfortunately for this attempt to attack a Republican governor and make a Democratic one look good, you can currently see modification in the article. The title now says there was four.

If you’re not looking or haven’t heard this, you will miss the web URL that has the number eight in it. Also, the “Editor’s note” that says “NYC officials” blame federal authorities for their lack of knowledge on how many Syrian refugees are in just one city in the U.S.

This continues the progressive-left and big D narrative the Republican governors are intentionally seeking political points with the Syrian refugee crisis and intentionally playing into fears of ISIS terrorists slipping into the U.S. If the Republican governors are allegedly pulling for political points, what’s to say that the Democratic governors are so much more altruistic and not doing the exact same thing?

ISIS in the U.S. fears, speaking of which, seem to be reasonable. Well, if you believe the FBI report that Breitbart News estimates there is over 900 investigations of potential ISIS activity in the U.S. already.

Tent City in Saudi Arabia [Image via CC BY-SA 2.0 Wikimedia Commons| Courtesy Of Omar Chatriwala|Resized]Speaking of altruism during this mass migration during the Syrian refugee crisis, where are the fellow Arab countries during the Syrian people’s time of need? Reports indicate that five big-name, fairly wealthy Arab nations have decided to sit the Syrian refugee crisis out, including Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. However, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the U.A.E. apparently have the same concerns American have: terrorism. Saudi Arabia has a “Tent City” that has three million unused tents. Syrian refugees would have a much shorter trek to safety there.

President Obama claimed Republicans have pedophobia aka fear of children, as he claimed concerns about the Syrian refugees coming to America was tad amount to it, according to CNN. Though, according to the current UN data on the subject, 62 percent of the Syrian refugees are men. Not to come to the defense of either, but let’s stick to the facts.

Speaking of refugees, prior to the Syrian refugee crisis, there was a German family that was seeking asylum because the German government was forcing this homeschooling family to betray their Christian beliefs. Actual definitive refugees that had defined problems and sought asylum, but they were nearly deported back home. CBS News reported that they were given “deferred status” that is revocable. The organization that was defending them said there is a handful of other German families in similar situations.

Speaking of compassion, while Democratic “bleeding hearts” rush to the aid of Syrian refugees, what are they doing about America’s issues? CNN reported in September that an estimated 307,000 military veterans died waiting for care.

What about the homeless population in America? That is still not solved, but the Syrian refugee crisis apparently will be.

End Homelessness says that currently America has 578,424 homeless recorded on any given night. Somehow, one would imagine, that might not include everyone who is homeless. If the U.S. government can’t help their own people, how are they going to help the Syrian refugees?

The Syrian refugee migration to the U.S. would presume that the borders are secure, and there are no other immigration crisis. For those who are coming in late, there was a mass immigration of illegal immigrant children that came to the U.S.-Mexico border early 2014. From April 2014 to April 2015, officials reported that they had captured 28,579 illegal immigrants that came across the border, and that was just the solo children coming over during this time period. This, of course, is a fraction of the millions here illegally that still has yet to be sorted out.

Syrian refugees gaining aid over American homeless and military, while the nation’s economy and immigration put a stranglehold on its future, is practically a betrayal to the very people who elect them. Where were their “bleeding hearts” for these causes, and are their memories so short that they have already forgotten them and moved on to another pet project, potentially in the hopes of getting an electoral edge? That is not to say that the Democrats and Republicans on the other side, who are ready to wage war in Syria even if it means a much more massive conflict with Russia, are somehow angelic.

The biggest question left unasked, based on the narrative of President Bashar Assad’s massacre of his people, is why are the Syrian refugees running during this crisis and not overthrowing this alleged totalitarian government? Considering the number of refugees, it isn’t even a matter of will, but simple math.

It would appear that U.S. politicians prefer to move from hot topic to hot topic, instead of solving issues before moving on to the next, like the Syrian refugee crisis. America is always being told to let other nations do more of the legwork, but somehow with the Syrian refugee crisis, it is all on the U.S.

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