Jennifer Lawrence Talks To Jimmy Fallon, Earns Praise For Being ‘Realism Weird’ [Videos, Photos]

Jennifer Lawrence may be the “Girl on Fire,” but it’s her down-to-earth persona that earns the praise of her fans. Dubbed “realism weird,” Jennifer Lawrence has a slew of fans who love her stories, the times she falls at award shows, and her humble persona that enables her to reveal the most embarrassing details about herself on the public stage.

With a host of phenomenal acting performances to her credit, Jennifer Lawrence quickly rose from child star to top female actress of this generation. She has won one Oscar for her lead actress performance in Silver Linings Playbook and was nominated in 2011 for Winter’s Bone and in 2014 for American Hustle. To date, Jennifer Lawrence has won 94 other acting awards and has a total of 140 nominations, according to IMDb. Jennifer Lawrence is not just a favorite of critics — she has many adoring fans who love the realistic presence she brings to not only her films but the red carpet as well.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon while promoting her new film, the last in the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay Part II, the two traded falling stories as both are well known for their public tumbles. Of course, it appears Jimmy Fallon has injured himself publicly on more occasions than Jennifer Lawrence. While she stated that falling publicly has been quite humiliating, it wasn’t the epitome of her most embarrassing moments. She shared two stories that you can hear her describe in the videos above. It was the response to her ability to relate to everyone, however, that became the subject and focus from social media networks, not the humiliation of the stories themselves.

Some fans remark that Jennifer Lawrence seems too good to be true. Not only is she a superb actress and beautiful, but down to earth as well. Jennifer Lawrence gives the impression that she’s the girl next door that you could go out and have a few drinks with, holding on to each other for support while trying to leave the place in one piece. At the same time, she’s mastered roles such as Katniss Everdeen, where she is completely in control, powerful, and the heroine everyone can look up to when in need of saving.

Some think that Jennifer Lawrence and her public falls are a sham, but it seems rather doubtful. Lawrence is a brilliant actor and though she could carry on in such a manner as a stunt, and undoubtedly pull it off, the glimpses the public has into her personal life jive with her public persona. Jennifer Lawrence is down to earth in her interviews, never holds back with her opinion, and isn’t afraid to poke fun of herself. This has been dubbed “realism weird.”

What do you think about Jennifer Lawrence? Do you find her down-to-earth or “realism weird”? Are you a fan of her movies? Are you one of those who feel she is hungry for attention and falls on purpose or do you think she is just a bit clumsy? Are you going to watch her new film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]