Dennis Quaid Discusses His Personal Remedy For Substance Abuse Problems In Light Of New TV Series ‘The Art Of More’

Dennis Quaid has been warming the hearts of movie goers for the past four decades and more recently, as with many big screen actors, he has crossed over to the small screen. One of his most recent endeavors is the television series called The Art Of More, which is a Crackle exclusive. In the show, Dennis Quaid plays a real estate tycoon who is involved in the ugly side of the auction world.

The official teaser trailer for The Art Of More has been released.

According to Deadline, Dennis Quaid is the king of the show.

“If The Art Of More is intended to be the jewel in Crackle’s original crown, then the real king here is Dennis Quaid. As ruthless real estate billionaire Samuel Brukner, the Truth actor is close to great balls of fire on fire in a role that feels part Bill Clinton, who Quaid has played before, and Donald Trump. The actor, who is also an EP on the show, lights up the screen whenever he is on – which is what Dennis Quaid was born to do.”

Dennis Quaid is always inspiring to watch and he has, indeed, inspired many, including his ex-wife, Meg Ryan. Ryan explains in an interview with People that her divorce from Quaid, which happened nearly 20 years ago, was an inspiration for her directorial debut in the movie Ithaca. Specifically, she had worried about how the son she had with Dennis Quaid would be affected by the divorce.

“My parents were divorced and I know how hard it is. I thought how do you cultivate integrity in a young man? How’s this going to work? I read and read and read, and I talked and talked and talked. I came across this book (The Human Comedy by William Saroyan) and I felt that there was a lot of wisdom in the book – the great questions that were being asked.”

Besides being an inspiration, via his acting career, Dennis Quaid also takes practical action to help those less fortunate. Just last month, he was in Dubai to take part in the Dubai Celebrity Golf Tournament and The National caught up with him to discuss his charity work and his lengthy career, including its ups and downs. While Quaid can certainly play golf, he came to the sport late in life. He started playing it because it was something he could obsess about.

“As you probably know, back in the 1980s I had some substance-abuse problems. The day I got out of rehab, in 1990, I started playing golf. It wasn’t that it calmed me down – totally the opposite – but it was something I could do and be obsessive about. I’m one of those people that when I start something I just can’t stop. I’m like a five-year old ADD [attention deficit disorder] guy.”

But perhaps Dennis Quaid’s introduction to acting far outweighs his introduction to golf. His first time on a movie set was not one in which he was acting, but one in which his brother Randy Quaid acted alongside Jack Nicholson in The Missouri Breaks. Quaid remembers that it was quite an introduction to acting.

“My very first experience on a movie set was watching Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando on the set of The Missouri Breaks. I wasn’t in it but my brother, Randy, was. I was only about two months in L.A. and I drove him up to Montana to the set. We were hanging out at Jack’s house every night – he loved to hold court. It was quite an introduction.”

Now Dennis Quaid can mentor and inspire others the way Jack Nicholson once did for him. Fans and aspiring actors will get their fill when they see The Art Of More, which will be released November 19.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]