Bird Man At U.S. Open Vows To Strike Again [Video]

You haven’t seen the last of the bird man. Webb Simpson, who won the U.S. Open yesterday, had his interview interrupted by a man identified only as “Jungle Bird.”

TMZ spoke with the unidentified man after his now infamous cuckooing at the U.S. Open. The bird man admits that he had a few beers before interrupting Simpson and Bob Costas, but said that this wasn’t some drunken stunt. The Jungle Bird said that he jumped in front of the camera in order to get people to think about deforestation.

Bird man said: “I want people thinking about saving trees.”

The Jungle Bird said that it was surprisingly easy to get on camera. There was plenty of security at the U.S. Open but according to the JB, the security guards were caught up in the moment.

“It was quite easy…. There was security there but everyone was caught up in the moment and they were distracted.”

TMZ reports that the bird man was handed over to the San Francisco Police Department but he was eventually let go because the U.S. Open decided not to press charges.

Here’s the video of the bird man at the U.S. Open.

Did you hear Bird Man’s call to stop deforestation? What do you think of Jungle Bird’s strange protest?

The forest enthusiast said that he didn’t have plans for interrupting any other golf outings, but he will be heading to the House Of Commons in the U.K. to…. make bird noises?

The man said: “The House of Commons is the next port of call.”

Jungle Bird is taking advantage of his new fame. He started a Facebook page and is now selling “Stop Deforestation” T-shirts.