Roger Clemens Verdict: Ex-MLB Star Not Guilty On All Charges

roger clemens

After two months, the Roger Clemens trial has finally come to an end. The jury reached a verdict of not guilty for all six charges against Clemens, stemming from the testimony he gave in February 2008 claiming that he had never taken steroids.

Clemens was found not guilty of obstruction, two counts of perjury, and three counts of making false statements.

According to Yahoo, Clemens faced a maximum sentence of 30-years in prison if he was convicted on all six counts. Instead, Clemens will find himself on the Hall of Fame Ballot for the first time this winter.

Politico reports that the jurors deliberated for about 10-hours before reaching the not-guilty verdict. Today’s decision ends a 10-week trial and a five year investigation into claims that Clemens had used steroids during his 24-year MLB career.

Rusty Hardin, Clemens’s lead lawyer, told the NY Times:

“I hope those in the public that made up their mind before there was a trial will now back up and entertain the possibility of what he has always said: using steroid and H.G.H. is cheating and it was totally contrary to his entire career.”

Clemens, who won 354 games and 7 Cy Young Awards over his 24-year career, was choked up after the verdict was read. Clemens said:

“I’ve put a lot of hard work into that career.”

Are you satisfied with the Roger Clemens verdict?