Joey Feek: Fans Campaign To Get Joey And Rory’s ‘When I’m Gone’ To No. 1 On iTunes

Joey and Rory fans have started an online campaign to get their song “When I’m Gone” to the number one spot on iTunes. The song, which was released in 2012 on their CD His and Hers, tells the story of a wife letting her husband know that he will be okay when she is gone.

When Joey first heard the song, she was “devastated.” She said she had never pondered the concept of a husband losing his wife, or vice versa.

“I was devastated, absolutely devastated when I heard it and what it meant and coming from the person who is leaving their loved one,” Joey Feek told the Boot during a 2012 interview. “That concept was just something that I had never heard or thought of before, and it really struck me.”

“When I’m Gone” was written by Joey’s friend Sandy Lawrence, who was going through losing her mother at the time. Because the song was so close to Sandy’s heart, Feek said it only made sense for her to be a part of the music video, so she decided she would play the piano.

“It came from one of my dearest friends who never had a cut,” Joey continued. “She wrote that song by herself and she wrote it about her mother who was dying. She was watching her mother pass, and she was so badly needing her mother to tell her those words. She needed affirmation that everything was going to be okay after her mom died and she wasn’t able to get it from her, but she wanted to write this to leave to her son and to her husband and to let them know that if anything were to ever happen, everything is going to be okay when I’m gone. It just knocked me out. When we recorded it, it was just magical. She came in while we were recording it in the studio and then I had her sing the harmony vocals on it with Rory and then when we shot the music video, it just seemed so fitting that she played the piano.”

Watch the incredibly touching video below.

Ironically, “When I’m Gone” is now describing Joey Feek’s life with husband and duet partner Rory. Last year, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She underwent a radical hysterectomy and rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Joey, her family, and her doctors thought she had beaten the disease. However, in mid-October, Joey’s doctors told her the cancer had returned and spread to her colon. There was nothing left for them to do. Joey could continue chemo and radiation, but it would only buy her more time, not a cure. Therefore, Joey made the decision to stop treatment and return home to spend her final days with her family in the care of hospice.

Rory Feek has been documenting Joey’s battle with cancer on Facebook and his blog, This Life I Live. Most recently, Rory shared a photo of Joey and their daughter, 21-month-old Indiana, sitting in Joey’s hospice bed. In the picture, both Joey and Indiana have beaming smiles on their faces while wearing hand-sewn, red and white chef’s hats on their heads.

Joey Feek with daughter Indiana
Joey Feek and Indiana Feek wear their new hand-sewn hats as they smile for the camera! [Photo via Facebook/Joey and Rory]

As the Inquisitr previosuly reported, Joey, who is still clinging to hope, is praying that she will be alive to spend Christmas with her family and celebrate Indiana’s second birthday in February.

“Her friends gathered around her on the couch and she told them of her hope that she might be able to still be here for Christmas, or for Indiana’s 2nd birthday in February,” Feek wrote in a blog post titled “A Bus Full of Joy.” “Joey’s hope never fades. No amount of pain or medicine can touch it.”

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]