Weight Loss Faulted For Jared Fogle’s ‘Hypersexual’ Tendencies

Jared Fogle’s weight loss may have been the reason why he turned from food to sex, according to Dr. Rick May, who treated Fogle over the course of 100 hours. Mic reported that the Colorado-based psychologist told the judge that while Fogle was remorseful, he still had work to do.

Business Insider reported that Dr. John Bradford, a forensic psychiatrist, told the court that it was possible to have a brain disorder that affected one’s sex drive. According to the Indianapolis Star, Bradford labelled Fogle a “mild” or “weak” pedophile as a result of the weight loss, a statement which had some on Twitter reeling and some acknowledging that Bradford was using a term that was not official.


Fogle’s famous weight loss came about as a result of a diet of Subway sandwiches, which landed him squarely in the public eye. Once over 400 pounds, the disgraced Subway pitchman is now worth over $15 million.

Bradford said that Fogle’s sexual predilections did not put him at high risk for recidivism, as is often the case with most pedophiles. Chicagoist said that Bradford testified Fogle did not try to rationalize his behavior, which was something he often saw in pedophiles or rapists.

“He didn’t have those types of cognitive distortions that you would see in those individuals,” Bradford said.

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According to CBS Detroit, Beaumont, Michigan, psychiatrist Dr. Joel Young noted that there were some medications that could cause a surge in sexual behavior, but that none of the medications were associated with weight loss.

Reuters reported that Bradford also noted that Fogle is struggling with an alcohol problem, and before his successful weight loss, had struggled with a compulsive eating disorder.

Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, however, was unmoved by the arguments that Fogle’s weight loss were responsible for his sexual behaviors and went well beyond the prosecution’s recommended sentencing of 12 and a half years. She opted instead to see Fogle behind bars for 15 years and eight months.

The judge also said that she felt Fogle’s remorse was sincere, but he seemed to have thrown the good fortune that came his way after his weight loss out the window. Fogle apparently spent as much as $12,000 a year on prostitutes, and while his defense team argued it was his weight loss that ultimately caused the hypersexual behavior that led to his attraction to children, it was an argument that did not fly with the court.

In addition to the over 15 years the disgraced Subway pitchman is facing, he is required to pay $1.4 million in restitution to the 14 victims who have come forward. Young said in spite of Subway’s former weight loss icon’s possible hypersexualized behavior, the man did not have the right to violate society’s laws.

“His interests and pursuits were illegal — they were underage and he crossed that legal boundary. Even if he had increased sexuality, that doesn’t mean that he can violate what society has deemed appropriate,” Young said.

Fogle’s defense team asked for their client to receive a five-year term, but that request did not appear to have any strength given the overwhelming evidence against him and the “bizarre” defense of weight loss causing his hypersexual behavior, according to the Indianapolis Star. He will have to serve up to 85 percent of the sentence before the possibility of parole is considered. At that point, Fogle will be 51 with teen children of his own.

His marriage has also apparently collapsed under the scrutiny he has endured since the end of April 2015. According to some media reports, Fogle’s wife has already filed for divorce, and he has paid her $7 million, Reuters said. Fogle’s weight loss years ago may have put the former Subway pitchman and head of the Jared Foundation on top of the world, but it would seem he has lost it all as he heads to Littleton, Colorado’s federal penitentiary to begin serving his sentence.

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