One Of Sheree Whitfield's 'Selling It In The ATL' Realtors Passed On Kenya Moore's House

In Sheree Whitfield's last blog post for, she provided a lot of details on Kenya Moore's new property, nicknamed Moore Manor, that's in the same neighborhood as the house that she's building, nicknamed Chateau Sheree. How does Sheree know so much about Kenya's property? It seems that she got some inside information thanks to a realtor who passed on taking the listing.

Sheree, besides being one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is the one of the executive producers of the new reality TV show Selling It In the ATL. The show, which airs on WE TV on Thursday nights, follows seven female realtors as they navigate their professional and personal lives in Atlanta.

On Wednesday, LaLate News reported that they told Sheree that she should have connected Kenya with one of the realtors on her new show so that Kenya could have received a better deal on Moore Manor. Sheree replied that one of the realtors on her show actually passed on taking the listing. Sheree implied that the realtor passed on the listing after learning all about the property's issues.

"One of my girls [on the show] had that listing [on Kenya's house], and she knows a lot about that listing. That is why she passed!"
Sheree added that Kenya's house has mold and is in a flood plain.
"It is in a flood plain. I hope she can swim because we are having a lot of rain."
The season 8 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta showed Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield getting into a verbal argument at Cynthia Bailey's eyewear launch party. Upon seeing Sheree, Kenya, who had only met Sheree briefly in passing before that moment, told Sheree that they will be neighbors since she just purchased a property a few feet away from Chateau Sheree. Kenya then said, in front of all the other housewives, that all of the neighbors are complaining about Sheree's unfinished house.

Kenya's comment immediately set Sheree off. When Sheree said that Kenya doesn't know anything about building a house and that she should just keep renting, Kenya replied that she knows from her family's business in Detroit that a house can be built in six months. Sheree asked Kenya if the reason why she hasn't moved into her property yet is because it's moldy. Sheree then yelled that Kenya's property is a "mold-infested house" and that it's in a ditch. Kenya responded by saying that she'll be in her ditch in three months while Sheree will still be in a tent outside of her property because she can't afford to finish it. The premiere episode ended with Sheree looking as if she's about to attack Kenya. The second episode showed Kenya walking away from the argument and Sheree being calmed down by the other housewives.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sheree, in a blog post, provided more details on Moore Manor, including that it's in the flood plain, is sinking off the back hill, has a cracked foundation, has a dangerous driveway, and has had many potential buyers back out of it recently.

In her own blog post, Kenya dismissed Sheree's insults. Kenya bragged about her property's location and said that she stripped it "to the studs."

"In real estate, location is everything. Buckhead is the Beverly Hills of the South. It's always financially sound to buy a distressed property in the best neighborhood. The future Moore Manor was stripped to the studs and is approximately 7,000 square feet of modern architecture, which is rare in Buckhead. It was a blank canvas for me to finish with my own vision. I live for all things HGTV, and I'm no stranger to power tools!"
Kenya Moore appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live talk show on Sunday night after The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In response to a viewer's question of why she was so negative with Sheree Whitfield upon seeing her for the first time in a long while, Kenya replied that she was just "delivering the news."[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]