‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Glenn’s Fate Revealed, Find Out If He’s Alive Or Dead

The Walking Dead spoilers have revealed Glenn Rhee’s fate. Is the fan favorite character alive or dead? Fans will find out all when the brand new episode airs on Sunday night on AMC. [Warning: Spoilers below!]

According to The Spoiling Dead Facebook fan page, they’ve confirmed that Glenn will be seen again during Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Of course, fans know that the last time we saw Glenn he was seemingly being ripped apart by a huge heard of walkers, but multiple episodes have gone by with no sign of Glenn dead or alive.

However, fans of the long running character will be happy to know that Glenn, is in fact, alive. The Walking Dead dead fans will see how exactly Glenn escaped the group of zombies. Spoilers reveal that Glenn will roll under the dumpster and wait out the walkers until they decide to move on. Enid will be the one person to see Glenn right after he gets away from the zombies.

It looks like The Walking Dead execs were totally messing with our emotions when they made us believe that Glenn was dead, refused to give us a clear answer, and then removed his name from the opening credits of the show. All signs pointed to Glenn being dead only to find out that he’s alive and hopefully well.

The most amazing news about Glenn still being alive is the fact that he’ll (hopefully) get to reunite with his wife, Maggie, whom fans recently found out is pregnant with the couple’s first child. Glenn and Maggie are The Walking Dead‘s best love story. Their love has been through the ringer and they’ve only seemed to grow closer and closer, no matter what life has put them through. Seeing them reunite again will be just as amazing as the first time after the group got separated.

However, new Walking Dead footage roaming the internet has left fans in fear of Glenn’s life yet again. The show recently finished filming season 6 and someone who worked on set allegedly leaked footage of Negan, a super villain viewers have yet to meet, seemingly playing out his biggest comic book moment.

In the comic book series, Negan randomly chooses Glenn out of Rick’s group and brutally beats him to death with his weapon of choice, a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around him which he calls Lucille. However, now that we know that Glenn is alive, would the show really put us through all of that just to kill him yet again a few episodes later?

It seems very possible that Glenn’s comic book death will be given to one of the other characters. The Walking Dead has done this before such as giving Tyreese’s comic book death of being beheaded by The Governor to Hershel. So, who could possibly die at the hands of Negan if not Glenn?

Many fans believe that Morgan may possibly be the one to feel Negan’s wrath. Morgan has been featured heavily throughout season 6 so far and has come to believe that “all life is precious.” Will he lose his life because he refuses to abide by the harsh rules of the new world? Another option is Abraham. Abe has been behaving very reckless this season and could be the one to die. Aaron’s name has also been tossed around.

Besides Glenn, the most shocking person rumored to possibly be losing his life to Negan and Lucille is Daryl Dixon. Daryl is arguably the most popular character on The Walking Dead, and if he dies fans will be furious, shocked, and some will likely stop watching the series. It would be a very risky and shocking move to kill off Daryl.

What are your thoughts on Glenn’s fate and the news of Negan’s upcoming scene on The Walking Dead?

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]