Khloe Kardashian Reveals That It May Take ‘A Year And A Half To Two Years’ For Lamar Odom To Mentally Recover

Lamar Odom’s condition has been the subject of much speculation throughout the past month as many media outlets have reported that Odom faces a long road to recovery. On Thursday morning, Odom’s estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, confirmed those reports when she revealed how long it could take Odom to fully recover his mental faculties.

While talking in a pre-taped interview with Today, Khloe admitted that it could take Odom up to two years to mentally recover.

“He is learning how to walk again and learning…cognitive therapy and speech therapy. They think, like, within a year and a half to two years that, mentally, he might be fully recovered. But they don’t know.”

Since Lamar Odom was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital in mid-October, much of his medical care has fallen to Kardashian, who is still married to the former NBA player. The couple, who were married in 2009, had filed for divorce in 2013. When Odom was admitted to the hospital, the couple’s divorce still had not been finalized, and Kardashian opted to withdraw the divorce petition so that she could continue playing a role in his medical care, according to sources.

During the Today interview, Khloe spoke to the situation surrounding her divorce from Odom, saying that she felt no reason to rush the paperwork.

“I was expediting the divorce prior, and I’m still separated with him, but I’m just not expediting them anymore. There was no reason for it. And also, [it’s] in his will that I’m always the medical adviser. And it was just…he had no one else to make these decisions for him.”

Since Khloe decided to withdraw her divorce paperwork, she has been spotted out on a date with current boyfriend, NBA player James Harden, lending credibility to her claim that she and Lamar Odom are still separated.

Odom was rushed to the hospital after he was found unconscious in a Las Vegas-area brothel. During a multiple-day bender, Lamar allegedly had taken a dangerous combination of cocaine and a sexual performance-enhancing drug. According to the 911 call, when he was found by two brothel employees, Odom was foaming at the mouth and had blood coming from his nose. Find out more about the 911 call in the video below.

Soon after Odom was admitted to the hospital, Khloe received a call to tell her what had happened. During her interview with Today, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star admitted that receiving that phone call was “terrifying.”

“It’s a horrible call to get. Getting to the hospital and knowing he’s in a coma and having to run these tests or make medical decisions. It’s terrifying.”

In the initial days after Odom was admitted to the hospital, Khloe kept a vigil at his bedside. She was with the former NBA player 24 hours a day, according to some reports, and she has since been battling health issues of her own.

Recently, Khloe was forced to cancel some book tours after reports of a staph infection on her leg. Kardashian was said to have experienced a fever, swollen glands, and fatigue, a source told E! News.

“(Khloe) has an minor infection and is being treated by her doctors. She is run down as she has been burning the candle at both ends. She will be fine but needs some rest.”

Find out more about Khloe’s infection in the video below.

On Thursday, Khloe’s older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, spoke to E! News about Khloe’s current condition.

“(Khloe) is good,” Kourtney said. “She’s OK. She’s not feeling well, but she’s OK.”

What do you think of the news that it could take Lamar Odom up to two years to fully mentally recover?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment]