Jill Dillard’s Midwife Trainer Speaks Out, Confirms She Didn’t Help Jessa Seewald

Jill Dillard and her sister Jessa Seewald both had issues during their home births. Jill ended up at the hospital having a c-section and Jessa had bleeding issues after birth and had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Jessa did have her baby boy at home though. Now the Arkansas midwife that helped train Jill Dillard to become a midwife is speaking out and wants to make sure everyone knows she didn’t help them. She was not involved in the births of Jill or Jessa’s baby. Duggar Family Blog shared about it all on their blog.

Even though Jill Dillard is doing missionary work, she still kept up with her training as a midwife. Jill is now a certified professional midwife (CPM). Right now Jill Dillard is not working in this field, but may be able to use it in her mission work or later on in her life. Jill did her study under Venessa Giron, a senior CPM who says she has participated in more than 500 births since 2000. Vanessa is now the one putting out a statement to make sure everyone knows she wasn’t the one there when Jill and Jessa had their issues with home births. Here is what her statement had to say about it all.

“I didn’t want to respond in this forum but due to the overwhelming support and calls and emails. We were not Jessa Seewald’s midwives. I am sad that Jessa suffered a postpartum hemorrhage. I am happy that Jessa and ‘Quincy’ are home, safe and sound. Both Jessa and Jill made decisions that do not fairly reflect home birth nor the care of the midwives in this state. But what matters most is Healthy Baby, Healthy Mama!”

Nobody is speaking out and sharing who helped Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard during their home childbirths. Michelle was there when Jessa Seewald had her baby because she is the one who called 911 for her. There were pictures right after Jessa’s son was born with Jim Bob and of course Ben Seewald, but the Duggars never revealed who the midwives were there helping along the way.


Her company, A Mommy’s Butterfly Midwifery, shared this post on their Facebook page, and a lot of people are commenting and asking what she means, and want her to elaborate on her thoughts about Jessa and Jill’s home births. A lot of people feel like the post implies that Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald did something wrong with their home births. They are not replying to the posts and answering fans’ questions about what exactly is meant by their statement.

The Duggar family did share this on their blog, but Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald are avoiding talking about it at all. They will probably never speak out, but it will be interesting to see if things are done differently the next time that a Duggar has a home birth. Anna Duggar has always had her babies at home with a midwife helping her out, and she did fine.

Are you surprised to hear the midwife that trained Jill Dillard is speaking out and wants everyone to know that she did not help? Do you think that Jessa and Jill should share their sides of the stories? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss Jill and Jessa when they return to TLC this December. Their new special, Jill and Jessa: Counting On, will be airing for at least three specials and hopefully more if the ratings are great. When these specials air, viewers should get to see some of the details of Jessa Seewald’s labor.

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