Rielle Hunter Tell-All Book: John Edwards Had Multiple Mistresses

Rielle Hunter is set to release a tell-all book about her affair with John Edwards, the two-time presidential candidate, who was recently the subject of a trial to determine corruption in campaign funding.

The book, titled What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me, is set to hit stores on June 26th. In it, Yahoo News reports that Hunter reveals she was not John Edwards’ only mistress. Rather, she was the last of at least two other women, dating back 20 years.

According to MSNBC, an excerpt of Rielle Hunter’s book reads:

“He told me that he had an entire hidden life that had gone on for decades and that he was currently involved with three different women. One lived in Los Angeles, one in Florida and one in Chicago. Clearly this behavior of his was not going to change overnight.”

ABC News’ Chris Cuomo sat down with Hunter for an exclusive interview about the book and her life with the ex-Senator Edwards. Cuomo stated that:

“There’s never been a more aptly named book. It is quite possible that after reading this book people will question prior judgments they had about Rielle Hunter.”

PEOPLE reports that the first time Edwards and Hunter got together, they spent the night in a hotel together. In the memoir, Hunter writes that they were , “like a pair of teenagers…completely attached.” She also describes how John’s wife, Elizabeth, grew increasingly suspicious, because Hunter followed Edwards around on the campaign trail.

While the two have not disclosed if they are still in a romantic relationship, Rielle Hunter states that both the and John Edwards share parenting duties with their daughter, Quinn.

Chris Cuomo’s interview with Rielle Hunter is set to air on June 22nd, just four days before the book releases.

Rielle Hunter And Daughter Quinn