The Dark Knight Rises: Scalpers Selling Tickets To Midnight Showings For $150

dark knight rises

Do you want to be one of the first people to see The Dark Knight Rises? It could cost you a few hundred bucks. Tickets have sold out for midnight screenings around the country and now Batman fans are turning to scalpers, who in turn, are jacking up the prices.

According to Entertainment Weekly, tickets for The Dark Knight Rises went on sale last week and most of the midnight showings have already sold out. Batman fans who want to see the new movie on an IMAX screen will probably have to turn to eBay or Craigslist to get their tickets.

And if you’re shopping on eBay, get ready to pay $100 or more.

One user is trying to sell three tickets to the midnight screening of DKR in New York for $450. A Minnesota user is offering up a deal by trying to sell two tickets for $150. As of now, it doesn’t look like anyone has been desperate enough to pay for the eBay tickets.

The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t hit theaters until next month so the demand isn’t extremely high at the moment. But once we get closer to the premiere those eBay sellers could find some buyers.

Do you have tickets for The Dark Knight Rises? How much would you pay for a ticket to the midnight premiere?