Miranda Lambert Is Dating Again After Blake Shelton Split

Miranda Lambert has been going through a tough time since her split with Blake Shelton, but it looks like she is ready to get back in the dating game once again. E! Online is now sharing the news that Miranda Lambert is already dating again. Blake Shelton has moved on from Miranda and started dating Gwen Stefani, so it is only logical that Miranda would start dating someone new as well.

A source is now speaking out about how things are going for Miranda Lambert now that she is single and ready to mingle.

“Miranda is doing wonderful! She is staying busy and really happy. She is dating and enjoying single life. She is taking things slow and just going with the flow. It’s all about her now though. Her friends think she is in a great mind space.”

Now the thing is Miranda Lambert is not sharing at all who she is dating. There have been rumors for a while now that Miranda has been dating Sam Hunt, but the two are not speaking out about the rumors at all. Miranda Lambert and Sam Hunt are actually going out on tour this year together. The source went on to explain that Miranda Lambert has not given up on love at all and wants to find love again, plus Miranda still wants to have children someday in the future. The source went on to explain more.

“Her music, friends and family is what makes her feel the best at this point in her life. She is excited for the holidays and New Year. She plans to be with her friends and family.”

Hopefully, Miranda Lambert will find love again, but it doesn’t look like she plans to be totally open about her dating life like Blake is already. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani pretty much shared they were dating right away, but there was also a lot of speculation about their relationship.

IB Times shared that Miranda and Blake actually split up over their plans for a family. The couple never confirmed this news, but sources are saying that Shelton was ready for children and Miranda just wasn’t quite there yet. She does want kids eventually, but sources said this was part of the reason for their split. Blake Shelton’s new girlfriend Gwen Stefani already has three children of her own, and of course Blake will eventually be spending time with them. The source went on to say that there is more to it than just this though.

“It wasn’t like that was their only problem either. There was a lot more to it than just that. Blake played a part in their divorce just as much as Miranda. She [Miranda] doesn’t want to get into a mud-slinging contest so she’s not talking, but she has told friends, ‘Blake knows what he did wrong.’”

Now after a big divorce, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are moving on. He is still in Oklahoma, but Miranda is hanging out in Nashville. Hopefully, Miranda will start to share about her dating with her fans, but more than likely Lambert won’t share anything until she is serious with someone. If she is dating just one person, then Miranda isn’t telling everyone just yet.

Do you think that Miranda Lambert is already dating Sam Hunt or someone else? Do you think that she will be revealing her new relationship soon? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Miranda Lambert and Sam Hunt on tour together in 2016. That is one concert that you don’t want to miss next year.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]