One Direction Finally Uses Insurance Policy, May Gain Penalty

"Never Have I Ever" is a song title off of Made In The A.M. that almost coincidentally applied to One Direction's insurance policy. However, after five years, Liam Payne ensured that they used their insurance plan at least once by canceling their Belfast concert.

Sadly, this may have caused a negative light to be shined on One Direction by insurance companies -- despite the fortune their tours generate.

On October 20, Liam Payne cashed in on One Direction's insurance policy for no-shows by canceling their Belfast concert due to illness.

Of course, almost no one can blame One Direction for feeling a bit burned out and canceling a show. The Spec reported in mid-November that One Direction called it an "emotional tour" -- and it is not hard to believe the pressure built up in more ways than one for the 1D gents.

Nonetheless, despite so many dollars being generated by One Direction, insurance companies may be looking down on 1D because of that canceled Belfast concert.

The Guardian writes on October 30 that Katy Perry did a tour with 151 shows and will likely get a low-risk policy for her next tour because she did not cancel a single concert. One Direction, on the other hand, is getting frowned on although they have only canceled one show in five years. The Guardian goes on to state the following.

"Acts on the road generally take out three types of insurance: equipment (to protect against damage and theft); public liability (in case an audience member is injured during a show); and non-appearance. The last two are relatively modern developments, but it is non-appearance that is arguably the most critical, especially as tours become longer."
This kind of potential harsh punishment over canceling one show flies in the face of One Direction's success.

For instance, Billboard states that One Direction and Justin Bieber are maxing out the charts with their November 13 album releases. Plus, Fortune states that One Direction are one of the richest groups of musicians with a net worth that puts them in the top-20 grossing musicians for 2014.

Nevertheless, the Guardian points out that many top celebrity musicians are not touring because they cannot afford the insurance due to their likelihood to need to cancel a show. For instance, legendary musician David Bowie no longer tours due to the fact that he is older and therefore more likely to cancel an occasional concert due to health.

One Direction may have insurance increases for onstage antics.
Will One Direction need to make their concerts less playful simply to reduce insurance costs? (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

Possible insurance premium increases aside, One Direction likely felt that their deductibles or policy would cover any mess left over from the canceled concert in Belfast, Ireland, on October 20. As it appears that is not the case for everyone a month later -- and it is claimed that some One Direction fans are still waiting on refunds from that insurance policy for the Belfast 1D concert at SSE Arena.

The Belfast Telegraph reports on November 19 that at least two people had trouble getting a refund on their One Direction tickets from TicketMaster. A TicketMaster representative responded to these accusations and stated that these individuals may have submitted the wrong information. They ended their explanation for the One Direction ticket refund mishap by asking anyone without a refund to contact them directly.

In the meantime, the gents in One Direction are testing the boundaries of their insurance policy a few more times before taking a break in 2016.

For example, ABC 7 reports on November 19 that One Direction had closed parts of Hollywood Boulevard for their performance for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

According to E! Online, One Direction will also be performing for Dick Clark's New Year's Eve televised program.

One Direction will play America a few times before the end of the year.
One Direction will be playing for Americans a few more times before the 2016 hiatus. (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

[Picture by Mat Hayward/Stringer/Getty Images]