WWE News: Charlotte Being Blamed For Controversial Segment

Disturbing WWE news has surfaced, as Charlotte is being blamed for the controversial segment from Monday Night Raw, according to a report from Wrestling Inc.

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE did something rather peculiar. Instead of ending the segment with something involving the World Heavyweight Championship tournament contestants, they opted to finish things with the divas instead. That is considered extremely rare in this promotion. It is usually the men that close out the shows.

The creative department went with the frequently used contract signing format for the finale segment of Raw. Paige and Charlotte were going to make their WWE Divas Championship match at Survivor Series an official thing. Fan usually expect a wild brawl to finish out this type of segment, but what they got instead was something quite unexpected.

Charlotte sold the match by telling the story of how her deceased brother was the inspiration for her becoming a professional wrestler, joining WWE and winning the WWE Divas Championship. To stir the pot, Paige noted that Reid Flair did not have much fight in him when he passed away. In case you didn't know, Reid died of a drug overdose.

WWE diva Charlotte
Latest WWE news has Charlotte being blamed for the controversial segment on Monday Night Raw. [Photo by WWE]The move did not sit well with the internet wrestling community. Many felt that it crossed the line and was unnecessary to sell the match. Even though WWE has a history of using real life deaths in their story lines, the Reid mention stings a bit more because it was the latest attempt at generating heat in that manner.

WWE heard the complaints. The company often claims that they do not monitor what is being said on social media, but management opted to release a statement. Some were hoping for an apology of some sort. A few were hoping that the message meant that the storyline would never be used again. Instead, they were given an explanation.

"Subject matter this personal is only approved as a result of the strong advocacy of the talent themselves. Notwithstanding that, WWE is ultimately responsible for what airs in its programming."
Management is essentially saying that Charlotte not only approved of the use of her deceased brother in the storyline, but that she also insisted upon it. Charlotte was extremely close to her younger brother and his death devastated her, so the right thing would be to ask for her permission. However, there are those that do not believe that to actually be the case.

WWE diva Charlotte
Controversial WWE news is saying that Ric Flair is doubtful that Charlotte has enough power to turn down the controversial story line. [Photo by WWE]Conrad Thompson is claiming that Charlotte did not come up with the idea, according to a report from Wrestling Inc. Thompson is the co-host of the weekly podcast interview show with Ric Flair. Many believe Thompson, as his words are more than likely echoes of what Flair is saying in private. Publicly, he can only say so much because of his business relationship with WWE and the fact that his daughter still works for them.

Members of the Flair family do not appear to like the situation whatsoever. Charlotte's mother has already publicly condemned the use of her dead son in a storyline. Flair has publicly hinted that even though his daughter carries the WWE Divas Championship, it does not mean that she is in any position to turn down storyline ideas from the front office.

In the past, performers have learned that when you do not go along with what management wants, your chances of moving up in WWE shrink incredibly. Not wanting to lose her push, Charlotte will more than likely play the good soldier and take the blame.

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