Rob Kardashian Moves Out Of Khloe’s Home: Is He Preparing For ‘KUWTK’ Season 11 Return?

Rob Kardashian has moved out of his sister’s home and into his former apartment. Although some might assume Rob Kardashian’s sudden move may be the result of tensions with Khloe Kardashian over her recent interviews and comments about her younger brother in her memoir, Strong Looks Better Naked, a new source claims Rob Kardashian simply wants to establish his “own identity.”

“[Rob Kardashian] felt like it was time to get his own identity,” an insider told Hollywood Life on November 18. “But he still has most of his stuff at Khloe’s and he hasn’t really cut the chord. He loves his family, so it’s hard to imagine [Rob Kardashian] ever leaving completely.”

Rob Kardashian lived with Khloe for years, and some of his time with his sister was featured on episodes of Khloe & Lamar, a Keeping Up With The Kardashians spinoff that aired on the E! Network for two seasons.

After Khloe & Lamar came to an end, so did Rob Kardashian’s sister’s marriage to Lamar Odom, and since then, Rob Kardashian hasn’t been the same. For years, Rob Kardashian has struggled with weight gain and depression, which has been discussed on occasion on Keeping Up With The Kardashians by Rob Kardashian’s concerned family members.

For the last several years, Rob Kardashian’s family, as well as his fans, have been rooting for a comeback, but so far, he appears to remain nearly in hiding, appearing in public only a number of times throughout the year. Most recently, Rob Kardashian was noticeably absent from his mother Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday celebration in Los Angeles. Although the rest of the family, as well as many celebrities, were in attendance, Rob Kardashian chose to sit out — despite his sisters’ requests.

Ahead of the party, a source revealed the following to Hollywood Life in regard to Rob Kardashian’s possible attendance:

“All the girls wants Kris’ party to be a family affair. They absolutely, 100-percent want and need [Rob Kardashian]’s presence. Each of them have called him and told him how much they love him, and how special and equally important it is for him to commit to attend Kris’ shindig. He and Khloe talked the longest. They had an intense and heart-warming conversation about many things, including their childhood and some of the funniest moments they had with their mom growing up. That was a true brother/sister moment.”

The source also claimed Khloe assured Rob Kardashian of how much she loved him, and reminded him of how brave he is, despite his ongoing struggles with weight and depression. Still, however, when Jenner’s big day rolled around, Rob Kardashian was no where to be seen.

While Rob Kardashian has not been seen in any previews of season 11 thus far, an Us Weekly source in September claimed he had begun filming the series after losing 15 pounds with the help of a fitness regimen created for him by Gunnar Peterson, and healthy eating delivered to him by a chef.

According to the source, Rob Kardashian was finally taking his weight loss seriously after being motivated by his potential return paycheck for appearing on his family’s reality show.

“[Rob Kardashian]’s not getting paid if he doesn’t film,” the magazine’s source explained. “[Rob Kardashian] has a $2 million-a-year contract. He realized he couldn’t give up this huge opportunity.”

The latest sighting of Rob Kardashian was exactly a month ago. At that time, X17 Online revealed photos of him behind the wheel of Khloe’s velvet Range Rover.

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