Jennifer Lawrence Tells Her Most Embarrassing Stories

No one can ever say that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t candid. While on The Tonight Show, Lawrence tackled a few things with Jimmy Fallon. Like Fallon, Lawrence is pretty clumsy. In fact, her most recent spill was at the Hunger Games premiere where she appeared to trip on her dress and needed some major assistance getting up.

While she was on the Tonight Show she revealed even more embarrassing stories, and funny enough, these two Hollywood-related stories make her tripping while receiving her Oscar look like a small blip.

It started by Fallon thanking the Hunger Games actress for not falling when she came out to greet the audience. He noted how the two of them get the most press for falling and tripping out of anyone, and it seems to be true.

Having a great sense of humor about herself, she said that her falling isn’t a part of a schtick. Another instance of her clumsiness is spilling yogurt on a plane. Of the incident that took place a day before she stepped foot on The Tonight Show stage, she said that “the whole plane smelled like sour milk the whole time.”

As for her embarrassing Hollywood stories, Lawrence said that she has two humiliating stories that she has to come clean about because the “statute of limitations of humiliation is up.”

Her first story that she calls her “most embarrassing moment” happened during Oscar season while she was promoting Silver Linings Playbook. She admits that during this time she was a little tipsy, being that it was a party and all. Lawrence saw an old woman, who in her mind thought was Elizabeth Taylor, who had passed away.

As the old woman was talking to her, Lawrence was complimenting her on her movies and fashion choices — both to which she admitted she couldn’t name. Then, Lawrence grabbed her friend and exclaimed “this is Elizabeth Taylor!” to which the woman replied, “No, I’m not.” After the embarrassing moment she paused and then “took off running” in the opposite direction.

Her second story involved the world-renowned director Francis Ford Coppola.

“I’m in Paris for the first time. I was in one of those cool Tom Ford dresses with the zips, and I saw Francis Ford Coppola, but it actually was Francis Ford Coppola.”

She then walked up to him in the restaurant they were both at. Lawrence painted the picture for the audience and said that Coppola was sitting at a large table with a ton of people.

“I introduced myself and said ‘I’m such a huge fan’, and then introduced myself to everyone at the table. I said, ‘Hi I’m Jennifer Lawrence’ and they had no idea who I was. Went back to the table, and my entire dress was unzipped and my thong was out. So I was barefoot and my whole ass was out. I think I was making room for my gut, unzipped the whole thing, and then forgot.”

As for her public spills, Lawrence fell receiving her Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. The actress fell up the stairs in her Dior gown, and it was the talk of the night, and a ton of gifs of the moment still exist years later. The following year, Lawrence fell on a cone getting out of her car and onto the red carpet at the Oscars. And just last week, as stated, Lawrence fell on the red carpet at the Hunger Games premiere which snagged headlines once again.

Watch Jennifer re-tell the two stories here:

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]