Dallas Cowboys News: Darren McFadden Injured

Some sad Dallas Cowboys news came out today, as NBC Sports has reported that Darren McFadden is injured.

Injuries have decimated the Cowboys this year.

First, Dallas lost Dez Bryant to a foot injury. The loss of their star wide receiver really hurt the Cowboys offense. Terrance Williams was given a great opportunity as the new lead wide receiver, but he failed to put up impressive numbers. Cole Beasley and Jason Witten noticed a lot more attention from the defense once Bryant went down.

Another blow was dealt to the Cowboys when Tony Romo went down with a collarbone injury. That essentially crippled the offense. Dallas had hoped that Brandon Weeden would be able to steer the ship for the next two months. That experiment failed and Weeden is with the Houston Texans now. Matt Cassel did slightly better than Weeden but could not produce a single victory for Dallas.

After losing their starting quarterback and wide receiver, the Cowboys are now on the verge of losing their best running back. McFadden has been placed on the injury report. He is suffering from some type of groin injury, the severity of which is unknown to the public. There is a chance that he might be forced to miss the upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins.

As many already know, McFadden has a bit of a history with injuries. The “injury prone” label has been with him since he was a star player for the University of Arkansas. It followed him to the NFL, where he was only able to play all 16 regular season games once when he was with the Oakland Raiders. McFadden was with that franchise for seven seasons.

There is no such thing as a good time for an injury, but the timing of McFadden’s groin injury is especially bad. Dallas is sitting on a 2-7 record and desperately trying to save the season by winning the weak NFC East and earn themselves a spot in the playoffs. Since the New York Giants are sitting at .500, the Cowboys have not been mathematically eliminated just yet, despite losing seven games in a row.

Bryant has already made his return to the field. While he has yet to regain his Pro Bowl form, the former Oklahoma State University star has been quite an asset to the offense because his presence has opened up the field for Beasley, Witten, and the running backs. Bryant will get better as he clears the ring rust in the upcoming weeks.

Dallas has a lot of hope this week, as Romo is set to make his much-anticipated return to the field. The young offensive line will appreciate having Romo back there directing traffic and catching blitzes. The wide receivers and tight ends know that they will be getting the ball in the right places when they are able to break free from linebackers and defensive backs.

The running backs still need to be key pieces of the comeback season, but it is not looking good at the moment. Joseph Randle was finally released because he simply cannot stay out of trouble. The Christian Michael experiment did not work out whatsoever, so the Cowboys went out and signed another former Seattle Seahawks running back in Robert Turbin.

Dallas was not expecting to lean this heavily on McFadden when they initially brought him on board. The thought was that he was going to be a rotational player in the backfield. Now, however, he is needed to be a key piece, so hopefully he can regain his health sooner than expected.

[Featured Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]